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Statins Revisited

Do you ever gasp as information crosses your desk?

This week, I read, “27% of adults take statins.”

And then I wondered, do they know the research?  In case one of my readers is not familiar with the research:

*If you have higher cholesterol after 70 years of age, you have a better chance of avoiding Alzheimer’s

*On the label of the cholesterol meds, it says it is not good for the brain.

*If you take statins, you have a 49% greater chance of becoming a type 2 diabetic

*Taking a statin quadruples your chance of Alzheimer’s.

*The statistics are known.  If there is a room full of 100 people taking statins, the statin will help one person.  Thirty to forty percent of the people, get the negative side effects of the statins.

Information is knowledge.  Knowledge is power.  Everyone gets to make their choice!

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Today’s Medicine!

Last week, in my health tip, I questioned, why the establishment suggests taking flu shots if Tamiflu, taken within 48 hours, is effective for the flu?  I admitted I had not investigated the side effects.  I started getting emails from my patients who knew more about Tamiflu than me.  Yes, there are problems with Tamiflu, big problems.  Just google.  Poor people who simply just wanted to get over the flu!

In this day and age, you don’t take a prescription without looking at the side effects.  In fact, one of the reasons I practice as I do is because many people simply do not do well with drugs.  No matter what the drug, they have some reaction to it and therefore, they found me.  They still get sick, still need help, and know that they never do well on a drug.  And I love helping people get well with God’s medicine.

Having been in practice over 30 years, I remember patients telling me their doctor’s concern over them taking my herbs.  And yet, today, in Dr. Mercola’s blog, he talks about how medical errors are the third leading cause of death (ouch!).

And, he also says that money has corrupted the medical research so much that 90% of the research that doctors rely on is flawed or incorrect.  Doesn’t that sound impossible?  It is supported by one of the foremost experts on medical research credibility.  SIGH!

If you are one of my patients who comes to see me because medications are just not your friend, count your blessings.  When you know you can’t rely on medications, you will learn to rely on God’s pharmacy we commonly call food, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and sunshine!  Do I have a great job?  Yes, I love it!

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Everyone is talking about the flu.  It seems to be at peak levels in most states.  The CDC said that there was a 10% accuracy in guessing which flu strains would be prevalent this year.

So 90% of the vaccine you got would have no positive effects.  But it still has the toxins.  If you watched “Vaccines Revealed,” or “The Truth About Vaccines,” you might want to avoid vaccines altogether.

I heard about two people who had the flu, went to the doctor and got Tamiflu and did quite well. It made me think.  Follow my reasoning.  If Tamiflu really works well, why don’t we have enough Tamiflu for the number of people we expect to get the flu.  If you get the flu, you can get Tamiflu and there would be no need to get a flu shot.  Where does my reasoning fail me?

I am not suggesting it.  I haven’t studied Tamiflu so I do not know about the side effects.  But that might solve some of the vaccine issues, like not having the right strain in the mix.

Personally, I have had patients come in with their arms hurting (a lot) because they got the shot and they had a reaction.  Sometimes they had muscle wasting, sometimes reduced range of motion and always pain.  Why hasn’t anyone else thought of this?

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My Other Website

I have been working for numerous years on a program to help people heal from their childhood wounds of losing their parent when they were a child.  The loss of a parent as a child has staggering consequences.  I’m calling my program, “Healing From Childhood Loss.”  You may know that I was orphaned at 19 months and that spurred my interest in this work.

Patients have come in and ask when my program will start.  Actually, my website started in September 2016, where I write a blog every week.  If you go to my website and give me your name and email (by signing up), you will be sent the blog every week.  I’ve been writing the blog while I’ve been putting the classes together.  And now, MY CLASSES ARE READY!  It starts Wednesday.

If you go to and sign up, on Wednesday you will receive the first video that will introduce you to my classes.

And, if you would be so kind as to help me, I would appreciate it.  You can help me by spreading the word. I don’t have to tell you that I’m not at the beginning of my career.  Far from it.  I can’t say for sure if this will be offered again, so anyone who needs this work needs to find out about it now.  I’m 68 and I’d like to offer it a multiple times, but we never know about tomorrow.  If you could help others, who need these classes, find me, I would appreciate it. How?  Here are some ways.

  • When the link to the videos are sent to you, you can put it on social media.
  • If you know of anyone who might be interested, you can send them the link.
  • If you know someone you would like to get a postcard, just send me an email with their name and address, and I’ll drop them a postcard.

My childhood pain shouldn’t be wasted when it can be used to help others with their pain.  I am so very fortunate to have patients who allow me an intimate look into their lives.  Our conversations gave me a greater and greater desire to pursue these classes.

I am teaching the class based on my experience which you can find in my book, “A Texas Tragedy:  Orphaned by Bootleggers.”

Thank you for helping people find me!

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Cause and Effect

Happy 2018.

Sometimes it is hard for us to correlate cause and effect.  For example, if you eat gluten, does it cause you any problems?  Some people know they suffer and quit eating it.  But others do not have any proof.  Their stomach feels fine even when they eat gluten.

This last week I saw a patient I’ve seen numerous times.  She has a shoulder that gives her problems.  It is much better since I worked on it, but she can still feel it.  Sometimes it will catch with movement.  Does that sound familiar?

When she came in this week, I asked her how her shoulder was feeling.  She laughed and said, “Fine.”  She quit eating gluten and the shoulder doesn’t have a catch in it anymore.  Yeah!

Sometimes it is worth experimenting to see how food affects your “problem area.”  It can be anything but gluten, corn, dairy, sugar and nightshades are the most typical culprits.  If you experiment, let me know if you too have, what seems to be, a miraculous result!

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My wish for you, as well as myself, is to have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018!

I don’t focus on New Year’s resolutions!  Although it feels like a New Year gives us a new chance, in reality, every day gives us a new beginning.  Even every minute.

My Granny always said, “Life is short.”  The older I get, the smarter she gets.  None of us know how many more days we have, but we all have an expiration date.  Let’s do what we want to do.  Let’s make sure we are riding the wave of our passion.  Have you found your purpose?  It is never too late to find your purpose.  Let’s enjoy our time here on this earth.  Let’s give back in the ways we want to give back.  If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it.  Better not to do it and forgo the complaining that you had to do it.  If you don’t do things you don’t want to do, you have less reason to be resentful.

Be productive and enjoy your life.    Happy 2018!!

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2018 Here We Come!

Isn’t it nice to get a new start?  We think of the new year as bringing us new opportunity to “do it differently.”  And, of course, that brings in all of the “over the top” New Year resolutions.

Although the New Year feels like a major “do over,” you can have a do over at any time.  Really, you can.  Each month is an opportunity to do it differently than the previous month.  Of course, you can micro down and say each week is different.  What about each day is different?  You can continue down to each moment can be different.

The operative words are “can be” because the moments change, but do you?  Do you want to change?  Are you willing to change what you are doing?  Sometimes yes and sometimes no.  You are the deciding factor.  You can change if you want to.  You can stay the same if you had rather.  Either way life goes on and our attitude makes the difference.

See you in 2018.  Let’s remind each other to keep a positive attitude and be willing to change if it is in your best interest!  Here we come, 2018!!

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Your Immune System

You know how some days you just feel good.  You might describe it as, “I’m on the top of my game.”  Then other days, you just aren’t feeling your best.

Remember that all kinds of bugs like bacteria, virus, parasites and fungus are opportunistic organisms.  That means, they will take advantage of you any time they can.  That virus might be a dormant in your body, but you party like there’s no tomorrow, you stay up late at  night, you drink too much of everything, you go on a sugar binge and then you wake up one day wondering why you feel so bad.  Those bugs used their opportunity to get you while you are down.  And down you feel.

When you are sick, you don’t have to eat, but you must drink.  You need to rest.  You need to be in bed before 10 pm every night.  No sugar, no dairy, and no flour.  Rest your body.  Add lemon to your drinking water.  Take my detox bath.


Stay worm.  When you start feeling better, do not go 100 miles per hour.  Easy does it.  Let your body take its time because when you have a relapse, it is always worse than the first time.

Enjoy the holidays and don’t become a bug’s big opportunity!!

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Common Sense or Science?

Sometimes we have to use common sense in our approach to our health.  We know not to eat poison, right?  Or do we?

Some years ago, I would suggest avoiding mercury fillings in your mouth.  You see, mercury is a neurotoxin.  That means it will poison your nerves.  The dictionary says, “mercury poisoning can result from exposure to water-soluble forms of mercury (such as mercuric chloride or methylmercury), by inhalation of mercury vapor, or by ingesting any form of mercury.”  If you need to not ingest any form of mercury, wouldn’t it make sense not to put it in your mouth?

In case you are one of the people that didn’t really believe mercury would hurt you, here is a new study that says the dental amalgam significantly contributes to prolonged mercury levels in the body.  It only makes common sense, but it is always nice to see a study.

Now you might wonder about other mercury exposures.  For instance, the exposure you get with vaccinations, like the flu shot.  They do make them without mercury, or so I am told, but I think you have to order them special and most don’t.  When I think of a nerve, I think of the brain.  If mercury poisons nerves, what about the brain?  Have you noticed the rate of Alzheimer’s going up?  Let’s avoid mercury!




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Protecting the GIRLS!

Have you ever considered that the bra a woman selects could make a difference in her health?

The lymphatic system in the body keeps the fluids moving.  I have the mental picture of my Granny sweeping the floors with a broom.  That broom pushed along any crumbs that had been dropped or leaves we brought into the kitchen on our shoes.  I think of the lymphatic system as the broom, pushing the fluids along in the body.  Any kind of exercise and muscle contraction brings the fluids to the area to be swept.

If you wear a bra with an underwire, you can imagine that underwire is like a closed door.  It is snug and the lymphatic just can’t flow through.  The normal cleaning in the body, the broom, is idle.  It would be one thing if you wore an underwire bra for a few hours, but most women put their bra on in the morning and it doesn’t come off until the evening.  That is a long time for the fluids to be stuck in one area.

I have made this suggestion to women for many years, but the underwires have become so popular that it takes work to find bras without them.  One day about 10 years ago, I was watching television and there was a short segment with a medical doctor giving health tips.  He too was saying, you don’t want to wear an underwire bra, for exactly the same reasons.

If you think about it, we really want the fluids to flow in the body as it is the way to get rid of the trash.  When fluids are held within an area and a lining develops, we call it a cyst.  When toxicity is encompassed in an area, we call it a tumor.  Just saying….take care of the girls!