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Happy New Year to all! May this be a year of increased health!

I promised a few patients I would put a few words in my health tip this week about my time in Belize.

I was pinching myself one day when we were picked up in a boat by a real life Tarzan. He calls himself Rambo but his name is Percy. He was hilarious and so much fun. He is the real deal. By boat, we went up “his river,” the Monkey River, to “his jungle” where he hollered at the howler monkeys. They were up in the tree and yelled back at him.   When he got out of the boat to enter the jungle, he did so barefoot.  He walked all the way through the jungle with no shoes and not a whimper.  (I could NEVER do that!!)  He told us the names of the trees and how he used them for medicine.  He had an eye for birds, bugs and animals.  He said this is a glue tree and hit it with his machete and white glue seeped out.   We got back in the boat and he took us to a place and said we could swim there.  Just up the river we had seen small crocodiles in the river. He said he always goes swimming there. He always had, forever, his whole life.

So, if you can believe it, I jumped in the river.   Then he took us over to the side and found, with his toes, mud they use for mud packs and I put it on my body.  I even put it on my face. I only had it on for about one minute, at the most, and you won’t believe how soft my skin felt afterwards. After getting the mud off, we returned to the boat, looked for the manatees, and it began to rain. It started raining like crazy and I was thankful he had a roof on the boat, but that didn’t mean we didn’t get wet—a lot. All in all what a fabulous day! You can see him yourself right here.  But it was so NOT like me!

The health tip is, when you go on vacation, don’t completely lose your mind and jump into a river in the jungle like I did. Enjoy life, but why take that kind of risk? You know there were snakes in that river. What about parasites and bacteria and virus. OMG! What was I thinking?

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Are You Taking An Acid Blocker?

One of the most popular drugs prescribed is for acid reflux. The nutritional research showed, even when I was in chiropractic school, that as we grow older, we produce less and less stomach acid. Remember when you were a kid and threw up? Remember how that acid burned? If you are over 40 and throw up, I’ll bet you don’t feel nearly as much acid. If not, then you have decreased the amount of acid you produce.  We need our acid to digest our food. Could it be other culprits that are causing the distress we associate with acid reflux?

If you are taking an acid blocker, you are more likely to have a heart event and more likely to die from it. That is what the research shows.  Try other avenues, if at all possible, as this is a wonderful world we live in and we want to enjoy it!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Anticipation is in the air at Christmas. It is as crisp as the fresh, cold air. Enjoy the years of magic while your children are excited about Santa’s visit! I’m sure they will enjoy opening presents that you will enjoy purchasing. Give your older child what they really want from you: a conversation that they will remember forever. Not a parent to child conversation, but a person-to-person conversation. I still remember the first time I recognized an adult spoke to me person-to-person. We were equal human beings. She wasn’t mentoring me or directing me. We were discussing how we felt about contact lenses, what we liked about them and what we didn’t like about them! I still remember that conversation and how it made me feel!! Happy Holidays!

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Your Brain or Statins?

I harp on cholesterol because it has been given a bad rap. If you have higher cholesterol after 70 years of age, you have a better chance of avoiding Alzheimer’s. I don’t know about you, but of all the ways to go, I really want to avoid that dreaded disease. On the label of the cholesterol meds, it says it is not good for the brain. If you take statins, you have a 49% greater chance of becoming a type 2 diabetic. And it quadruples your chance of Alzheimer’s. As you have heard many times, we pick our poison. I believe the statistic is that if there is a room of 100 people taking statins, it will help one person. The rest of the people get the side effect. Leave me a message if this changes your understanding of statins!

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Why Do Women Live Longer?

One reason women live longer is because they have one more route of detoxification each month than men through their menstrual cycle. And now we know that once women go through menopause, within ten years, their heart statistics are identical to males. It is a problem that has a simple solution: give blood. Men should give blood at least quarterly once they are grown and once they become more mature, give monthly. After passing through menopause, women should give blood once a month, just like men. If they ever say you have too much iron, it is a sign you need to give blood.  Let’s donate!


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Just the Facts!

Dr. Tom O’Bryan, brought us the “Betrayal” series on auto-immune issues I spoke about last week.  I have a few more facts that you will find interesting.

The World Wildlife Fund reports that there is a 57% reduction of all wildlife on the planet since the 1970 levels.  I really was not aware of this statistic.  It translates to a great amount of change in a short amount of time on our planet.  My concern is if this change gathers steam and continues.

Another fact was a study reported in this series about eating gluten.  They had three groups of people: a group who knew eating gluten bothered them, a  group that reported gluten bothered them a little, and a third group who felt that gluten did not bother them at all.  There was no surprise when when gluten bothered the people who knew gluten bothered them or the group who said it bothered them a little.  The surprise was that everyone in all three groups were tested and found that for three hours after eating gluten, they had increased gut permeability.  We call that leaky gut syndrome.  It happened in everyone, even those who didn’t recognize gluten as a problem for them.  This is a warning:  gluten bothers you whether you realize it or not.  Act accordingly!

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How Many Chemicals are in You?

Last week I watched the online series, “Betrayed,” which was a documentary on autoimmune diseases. It wasn’t on television because it supported the natural approach to curing these diseases.  One of the main take homes was this:  we are full of chemicals.  These chemicals attach to different parts of our body, making it look different.  That causes the immune system to respond to the “outsider.”   That process is the birth of an autoimmune disease.

A few statistics were given.  One statistic that made me  pause:  250 pounds of toxic chemicals per person are dumped in the US every DAY.   That is amazing.  No wonder we have to guard our health by making sure our food, air and water are as clean as possible.  There is no way to avoid the chemicals.  There is no place on earth to move to have a clean environment.  We have to live in the midst of these chemicals and at the same time be vigilant about what we eat, drink and breathe for the sake of our health.

Remember, good health is priceless!  If you watched the series, feel free to leave a comment about something you learned!



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Thanksgiving Week

I remember the stories about the first Thanksgiving that I studied in elementary school.  It might not be completely factual, but there is no doubt that, in many ways, our lives are so much easier these days.  I am so grateful I don’t have to shoot Thanksgiving dinner!  Even though life has its troubles, there is much for which to be thankful.  If we aren’t careful, we can get in the habit of negative thinking, negative speaking and even negative behavior.  This is a great week to make a decision to think positively, speak positively and behave positively.  It doesn’t mean that you don’t have rational thought.  Of course, we can’t help but see the positive and negative, but what I choose to bring more of into the world is the positive.  Children watch you, listen to you and then behave like you.  Give them the example that will support them in life.  As a young girl in my life said about 15 years ago as we sat down to dinner, “let’s do that thing where we go around the table and everyone says what they are thankful for.”  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Colder Weather

I have the best patients! I really do.  I love my Biomat and maybe I have introduced you to the Biomat. Normally I let patients take the Biomat home and try it for about a week to see if they like it. Right now, I have three Biomats out on loan. But they have been gone for a long time! Please bring them back! I have other people wanting to borrow them. I know they will return as I have the best patients!!

And if you haven’t borrowed the Biomat and you don’t have anything in mind for Christmas, it is a wonderful family gift!  But try it out first!  Just give me a call.

We are heading into the holidays as well as colder weather and both create a challenge for our health. If you need me, come now because I will be out of the office for Christmas vacation with my family from December 14-26. Give me a call today!  And enjoy the good weather while it lasts!

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Happy Election Day!


Don’t forget to cast your vote.

And speaking of stress, according to Dr. Mercola’s article, referenced at the end of this health tip, 93% of Americans have reported this election is more stressful than any other they have experienced.

 A psychologist said she sees about 22 people a week and 15 of them will mention the election as being stressful during their session. Couples don’t speak for days because of issues related to the election and their opposed views.

 Sounds like it is time to do some deep breathing and take some rescue remedy! Instead of being one single event, the stress has been month after month and our society is psychologically exhausted!

 You can’t do anything right now about the election other than vote your choice, but you can do a few things for stress reduction. Try a couple of simple and easy things like deep breathing, rescue remedy, taking a walk and remember my detox bath. All of these acts will help the nervous system calm down.

My detox bath recipe:

1/3 cup hydrogen peroxide

1/3 cup Epsom salt or sea salt

8 cups of chamomile tea using 2 tea bags

Pour the ingredients in a warm bath (I like very warm) and soak for about 20 minutes. Let the stress melt away with your relaxation!

And remember, focus on things you want in life: love, beauty and connection. By the time you read this, plus 12 hours, the election will be history. It is time to let the body relax and recover from any stress you have felt from this time in our collective history. In relationships, talk about what brings you together instead of your differences, what brings you love and light instead of divisiveness. Life is tough enough without this kind of stress. And, most of all, look at the eyes facing you when you look in the mirror and say, “I love you!”

 Click for the referenced article!