Dr. Elva Edwards

Dr. Elva Edwards grew up on a cotton farm in West Texas. After graduating chiropractic school at Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon, she decided to make her home in Colorado. Originally, she was inspired to become a chiropractor because of her experience with a class called “Touch for Health.”

Her grandmother was suffering terribly and the medical doctors were unable to help her, but what she learned from that class was nothing less than spectacular. Until then, she didn’t realize that there were parts of healing that are not normally addressed by medicine. That experience spurred a desire for her to pursue a career as a chiropractor, and learn more about natural healing.

Dr. Edwards has chosen to devote her life to the healing arts, not only because there is great need, but because she loves helping people. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of suffering and medicine doesn’t have all the answers. While medicine is excellent at what it does best, many people still suffer with many problems that have not been helped through traditional medicine. This is where Dr. Edwards excels. She emphasizes the connection between mind and body and has taken class after class and studied with the best and the brightest to make certain that her patients achieve healthful lifestyle changes.

Dr. Edwards overall goal is to help people enjoy their lives, without pain or discomfort. There is no greater compliment than referring your friends and family to her office. She loves the challenge of helping a patient who went through all the medical tests and was told nothing was wrong, except that the patient felt sick. She has the knowledge, desire, and expertise to help you heal. Give her a call at
303-980-4001. You will be glad you did!