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Learn Via Computer

Are you learning via your computer?  You have never been able to have as much access to information at your whim as you do today.  For that, you can really appreciate your computers and the enlarged world they give you.  If you are like me, there are more videos and podcasts and articles to enjoy than time.  We have to pick and choose.

We can learn via our computer that we already have and internet access we already have, so nothing stands in our way of learning but time.

Here is the link to a series of videos by Dr. Mercola.  The title is, “Diet Against Disease.”   Do you know anyone interested in that topic?  Of course, you do.  And, it is free.  Sign up for the series, and watch or listen to what you can.

I often listen to videos as I am cooking dinner or cleaning up afterwards or doing my hair in the morning.  I use the little minutes here and there because I don’t often have time to sit and listen to one or two hours at a time.  You may be the same way.  Use your minutes instead of hours.  Learn what you can.  Enjoy the series, or, if you are like me, the part of the series you have time to watch!

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Anal Cancer

There has been a surge in cases of anal cancer.  You ask why the increase in cases?  Many cancers are because of chemicals, like BPA.  Have you considered the chemicals present in toilet tissue?  It goes on our most tender regions so perhaps it should be as pure as possible.  As far as I know, the bamboo toilet tissue from is the only toilet tissue that is BPA free.  And, it is good for the environment.  Bamboo is so plentiful and grows so quickly.  It replenishes itself with amazing speed.  Consider it environmentally friendly.


If you have a family history of anal cancer or you have anal fissures or hemorrhoids, you might want to do all you can to ensure your anal health by investing in toilet tissue without chemicals.


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The Ideal Baby Gift

Are you looking for the ideal baby gift?  Because babies can’t lift their heads, it is up to us to support their heads.  But when they are sleeping or in a cradle, what can you do?  The ideal baby gift has been created so the parents won’t need to worry that their baby will develop a flat head or too tight of muscles on one side.


This gift is ideal for a baby from birth to 6 months of age.  After 6 months, the baby won’t need it.  You can buy it right off of their website.  As a chiropractor, you know how important I think the neck is!


A friend of mine was in town visiting and we took a trip to the top of Mt. Evans.  There I met Dr. Scott’s son.  He told me all about the tortle, and I am sharing it with you.  Listen to Dr. Scott, a pediatrician, explain the tortle.