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What do you need to feel better?

Have you ever noticed that many natural products to help you feel better are sold through multi-level marketing?  Have you ever wondered why?  It is because word of mouth, by people who have been helped with a product, is the best way to sell.  If you think about it, what company is going to sell you something that is natural and will keep you from suffering needlessly?  Don’t expect the pharmaceutical companies to find something that you buy once and use over and over to help you.  Pharmaceutical companies want you to have to buy it again and again, every month.  There are so many great products out there.  I’ve shown you a few in pervious health tips. What do you need to feel better?  You can always ask me at your next visit.

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When was the last time you saw your dentist? I do not miss my every 6 month check up with my dentist. Why? Because I have had more than my share of dental problems and I want to avoid move. If you have put off dental cleanings or exams because of the pandemic, please make those appointments today. Taking care of our teeth is so important. Lots of hidden health problems are in the teeth.

Staying healthy gets harder and harder in our toxic world. Do yourself a favor and make that dental appointment. It is my least favorite appointment, but also one I won’t miss.

And in the meantime, don’t forget to brush and floss. And if you have used my Oral Supreme, you might be as addicted to it as I am. It is still, by far, my most favorite supplement. I had sensations in my teeth sometimes, and using the oral supreme eliminated those sensations. Why am I so happy? The oral supreme kills bacteria. And that will help me keep my oral cavity a healthy place for teeth to be!! So, go brush! And don’t forget to floss.

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Vitamin D

I have taken vitamin D supplements, but I know the sunlight is a much better way to get vitamin D.  What about far-infrared and near-infrared rays?  Do you know about them?  I am including this video today.  At the end he says he feels that everyone should know the contents of this video.  At least I want my patients and friends and family to know about the gift of sunlight. 

Listen and learn.

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How important is posture?  It is at the top of the list in what we need to work on every day.

So many things are tied to posture, especially breathing.  You can’t get a good breath with poor posture. 

To get a little more into posture, watch people.  What is the victim posture, the self-assured posture, the I’m depressed posture, or the I’m ready for the world posture?  Our posture is one way of communicating to others.  

Most importantly, poor posture leads to all kinds of health problems.

If you are walking through a door, bend your elbows and put your hand to the side of the door frame and slowly walk through.  This pulls your shoulders back.  It stretches your chest muscles which are often contracted.  Just that one move can be helpful.  Watch these guys do it. They do it without the doorframe, but for me, the doorframe is a good prompt.

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Last week, the health tip was about fasting for weight loss. But what if you have cancer? Most people think you shouldn’t fast if you have cancer. But if you are taking chemo, they have found that fasting will keep you from having all the negative side effects like vomiting and hair loss. In fact, some people feel really good. I wouldn’t say they feel good the first time they do it because, let’s face it, we want to eat. There is as much of a mental/emotional aspect to it, of course. What they have found is if you fast 2 days before chemo, the day of chemo and two days after chemo, you don’t have the negative effects.

This could be used so successfully, but it takes awhile for information to get to the doctor’s office. At this point, it appears, it needs to be the patient telling the oncologist how fasting supports chemo. My favorite video about it is long, but so worth it. Dr. Valter Longo did the original research and talks about it in this video, which is one of my favorite videos. What a fabulous finding he has provided our world with! I expect to hear more from him in the future.

Better yet is to protect yourself from cancer by fasting, right? Here is another video by Jason Fung talking about how fasting can prevent cancer. Of course, prevention is the best medicine. And remember fasting doesn’t have to be 5 days, or 3 days. It can be 16 hours.

People fighting cancer have a big job. Let’s be helpful and share this information with them. Don’t worry as to whether they do it, that is up to them. Let’s just share our knowledge.