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What supplement do you automatically think of when I mention osteoporosis?  Most likely it is calcium.

Most of the time, my patients think it is necessary to take calcium for their bones.  Sometimes they test for it, but much of the time they don’t. Doesn’t it make sense that we utilize the nutrients in food better than in supplements?  There has been some concern that too many calcium pills might leave calcium deposits in the circulatory system, right where we don’t want them.  And to use the calcium in the bone, K2 and Vitamin D is needed.  As always, let’s take supplements judiciously.  

Most people have heard of the famous Framingham study.  Here is information that they found about osteoporosis in that study.  I will give you the punch line:  take vitamin C! Read this to understand just how important diet is to our health.

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If you are open to a different take on what causes most of the problems that people have, including yourself, please listen to this video.  It is for people who have physical problems, addictions, behavioral problems: actually, any problem.  And it is for those who seem to never have problems!

He speaks to depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, and oppositional deviant disorder.  

He actually speaks to the human condition.  This video explains so much!  As I often tell my patients:  no one had perfect parents.  Life happens. It isn’t about blame, but understanding ourselves and others.  You may want to listen to other videos on youtube by Dr. Mate.  Let’s learn as much as we can!

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I’ve had so many people tell me they are pre-diabetic.  Even those who eat well.  It might be because they play with the numbers which includes more people.  But let’s face it, our society is built all around food. Today’s health tip features a podcast with Dr. Jason Fung, a nephrologist, who talks about diabetes and has written several books about it.  He is refreshing because he says with insulin, we are treating the symptom, not the disease.  He is so right.  This may be a health tip you choose to share with those you love.  If you do not want to listen to the intro, go to 6:45 and start there.  I love Dr. Fung’s message to the world.  There is hope.  He talks about having written an article that is published that followed people who had been on insulin for 10 years and he got them off their medication.  How?  He quit treating the symptom and treated the problem.  Hope you love him as much as I do.  

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Prostate Issues

Do you, or someone you love, suffer from prostate issues?

The signs and symptoms of prostate dysfunction are:

            *Frequent urination at night

            *Pain during urination

            *Difficulty in starting or stopping a stream of urine

            *Decrease in urine flow

            *Pain during urination

            *Loss of bladder control

            *Blood in urine

Here are three videos about using baking soda to eliminate symptoms related to prostate problems.  Although this video speaks to cancer, a patient made an appointment to see me for his prostate symptoms.  But before the date and time of his appointment, he had tried what is suggested in these videos and reported that 90% of his prostate symptoms disappeared.