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Do you have itchy eyelids? Do you or your children often have eyelid irritations like styes? Sometimes our eyelids are puffy or feel crusty. Women, do you feel like your eye make-up irritates your eyelids? (if it does, bring your make-up to me and I will test it.)

Whether they are irritations, allergies or infections, our eyelids need a little love. This product will help with these issues. In fact, if you use these tissues, you might say goodbye to those issues.

The product is an eye wipe that uses tee tree oil and coconut oil. It feels good. And no, it doesn’t burn. Even your children will like it.

If your child comes home with pink eye or a stye or you feel your eyelid is irritated from your makeup, before you go to bed, use this wipe. If you need to, you can use it everyday. Ahhh…relief! Please, let me know how you like this product.

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Staying Healthy in 2020!

Stay tuned to my health tips in 2020.  I am going to introduce you to therapies you can do at home or in someone’s office.  At this point in time, as much as possible, it is important for you to do for yourself as much as you can.  Why?  There are problems in health care.  Problems with medications.  If you had an alternative that you could use in your own home, would you be interested in pursuing it?  

You may wonder how I stay healthy when I treat people who are sick all the time.  I do self-care to keep me from getting sick and I am going to share that with you in 2020.  I feel like staying healthy is a big job these days.  And it is one of our most important jobs because unless we are healthy, it is hard to enjoy your life.

So come on this ride with me and I will show you how to stay well in a sick world. Invite your friends. Welcome aboard.

Merry Christmas and I’ll see you in 2020!!  Happy New Year!

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If you are a parent, it is only natural to notice the qualities and characteristics of your children.  You want to support positive characteristics and diminish the negative ones.  But do you know which characteristics are negative? 

I read an article about stubborn children.  Being stubborn is a positive sign according to this article.  A stubborn child may be more difficult to teach, but according to this article, it is a positive sign in terms of being successful in life.

I’m not sure their definition of stubborn is the same as mine.  They did say that breaking rules and being defiant with parents was a good predictor of having a higher income as an adult.   See what you think.

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Holiday Pounds

The holidays have arrived.  They are so much fun, but everyone talks about the weight gain.  Hey, it is fun to celebrate with our friends and family.  Right?  After all it is Christmas!

I don’t want people to feel guilty about having treats at this special time of year, but what is your plan to discard the few pounds you might gain?

Maybe you aren’t pulled by food.  I know I am.  It looks so good.  You know what I am talking about.  And most of the time it tastes good too.  I end up eating more than I should.

Intermittent fasting is not new.  You probably know all about it.  But if you don’t, look on youtube for just the right person for you to learn from, I mean, of course, besides me.

Most people can fast.  There are so many ways to do intermittent fasting, there is probably a perfect way for you.  You can make a window of 5 hours a day where you eat, you can eat dinner tonight, and not eat again until tomorrow night.  Listen to what others say about it to find the perfect way to lose those few pounds you might gain over the holiday.  And yes, you can wait until January to start.  The doctor I was listening to tonight said he had gained some weight and started fasting at lunch and breakfast.  After a few days, he got on the scale and found, yes, he had lost a couple of pounds.  He said he kept it up until he had lost the 20 pounds he had “found” over the previous few years.   Most people are surprised how easy it is to do.  Well, not easy, but doable.  Of course, there are some people who shouldn’t fast.  If you have questions, you can always call or text me.  Enjoy your holidays and consider  intermittent fasting now or after the holidays if you add a few pounds.