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When I refer to kindness, do you think I’m talking about your relationship with others? Of course, that is part of it, but usually am talking about how kind you are to yourself. If I had a recorder in your head, would I want to listen?

Look in the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself. And most of all, mean it. Is it harder to love yourself when you don’t feel well or perhaps you have a chronic disease?

I just read a book a patient loaned me. The Last Best Cure was written by Donna Jackson Nakazawa and details her experience of living with a chronic illness. Much of what she says in her book is what I was teaching in my Childhood Loss classes. Our childhood affects our adult life and if you had trauma as a child, it will make itself known. She is an excellent writer and hope you enjoy it as much as I did. What a great Christmas gift for someone who struggles with an auto-immune disease. Remember, you can read it first!

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I was driving in a neighborhood last night just after dark, about 8 pm. Numerous children were on on their skateboards or razors or electric skateboards. Most of these last night were children 15 and under although there were a few older teenagers. This is so dangerous. They need to realize it is dark and not everyone has the eyes of a 10 year old.

I know the pain of a child from being hit with your car, as I was with my grandpa when he did so. It is horrible for the child and their family and horrible for the person driving the car and their family. Please remind other parents how important it is to have the kiddos in the back yard once dusk sets in.

It is fun to ride them, yes. Do so while the sun is in the sky! Enjoy. Have a ball! And, let’s be safe!

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