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Disease Proof Yourself!

How is that possible?  What we need to do it make sure when poisons come into our bodies, that they have a quick and easy way to get out of the body.

How do we do that?  In three, sometimes, easy steps:  1) avoid constipation, 2) drink plenty of good, clean water, and 3) be sure to sweat. 

If you have ever had food poisoning, what would it have been like if you were constipated?  I only had food poisoning once, but it felt like a monster was inside me demanding to get out.  And we want to let it out!  Get rid of the toxins through good bowel movements (or flat-out diarrhea!), urinating (even excessively) and sweating.  Those are the hallmarks of detoxification! 

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These last six months have taught us the importance of being able to care for ourselves at home as much as possible.  That is where the “HEALY” comes in.  I bring this up because it is on sale this week.  Tesla and Einstein both said something to the effect that the medicine of the future will be with frequencies, and the Healy is a frequency machine.  And what I love the most is the Healy has an analyzer that will tell you what frequencies you need today.  That is a gift.

There are thousands of frequencies.  Which ones do I need?  The analyzer will tell you.  

In this day and age, how nice it is to get help in the comfort of your own home.  If you live with pain or dysfunction, or just want to be ready for the next thing that comes along, consider a Healy.  I love mine and you will love yours too!  

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How Not To Die

“How Not To Die” is the title of Dr. Michael Greger’s book. I find it easier sometimes to listen to a video when I am cooking or getting dressed for the day instead of reading a book.

In this video, Dr. Greger goes through the top 15 reasons for cause of death and gives s synopsis of the research in regards to those causes.

What I love about him is his website, It is nice to be able to search for a diagnosis or a food. He is all about educating the public about food and how to avoid or recover from disease. I admire him and hope you do too!

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A Healthy House

You may give consideration to the products you bring into your home. Are they safe? Are they toxic? Are they supportive for my health?

But how often do you think about the house itself. Some people are chronically sick. They are often very picky about what they eat and what products they bring into their home.

But have they thought about their house and what kind of toxicity it might have? Not everyone needs this, for sure. But it is interesting for us to know about and think about. And the house made the difference for this woman. Enjoy the video.

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Looking Ahead

Happy November!  Our fall has been beautiful this year.  We have had many color-filled days.  Halloween is in the rear-view mirror and the biggest holidays of the year are before us, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Christmas will be different this year!  But different can be good.  One thing is:  we will still give gifts.  As you make your gift list, remember it is always nice to give a gift of health.  There are many things that fit the category.  Don’t forget the Voxx socks.  They make such nice gifts for the athlete as well as a person in pain.  I first bought them because they give 31% greater balance and I needed it.  Voxx has other products too.  Click on the dashboard on my website where it says socks.  They have a sleeve for people who need to focus and concentrate.  Think ADD.  They also have other health related products. You can ook through the website and see what catches your attention.  Maybe you will find your latest greatest thing!  

I have a great moisturizer that always makes a nice gift.  And if you have a mom or dad or grandmother who has a sore knuckle, I have just the remedy.   If you need an idea, just ask!!  Even though we are challenged with Corona, let’s have a great Christmas!