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Story of Hope

Autism: One Man’s Journey is a documentary and memoir about Scott Michael Klumb, a local film maker diagnosed with autism at age 23. Scott takes viewers on a journey, wanting to bring awareness to the issues related to late diagnosis; and not understanding what was “wrong” with him for most of his life. This is a story of hardship, perseverance, and hope. It is a story of inspiration including Scott’s personal interview with Dr. Temple Grandin, one of the world’s most accomplished and well-known adults with autism.

Scott filmed, edited and produced this inspiring autobiographical film with the hope to reassure late diagnosed autistics that they are not alone, there is support for them too, and that it is possible to connect with people who care.

Autism: One Man’s Journey proves that an autistic person can hone their strengths and abilities to create a meaningful life and career. It can be hard, but Scott wants to inspire others and let them know that things do get better. All things are possible.

Trailer available on Scott’s website.

Film Release: 

March 10th:  Denver Sie Film Center 6:00-9:00 pm. This is a benefit for the Autism Society of Colorado and will feature a cocktail reception, silent auction, and Q&A following the movie. Buy tickets for $17. 

March 12th – 15th:  20th Annual FirstGlance Los Angeles Film Festival at Laemmle North Hollywood 7 (huge exciting honor for him). Scott’s film is scheduled for Sunday @ 1:00pm. Buy tickets now.

April 21st: Boulder Premiere sponsored by the Parent Engagement Network of Boulder will be held at Monarch High School 6:30-8:45. Tickets are $10 here

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Corona Virus

Everyone is afraid of the next pandemic. And we should be.

We need to care for ourselves nutritionally to make sure our body is in the best shape to ward off any virus. Just as a doctor has found that the best way to avoid sepsis is using vitamin C in an IV in the ER (a procedure he is advocating to hospitals), the same can be said for many organisms.

Here is an article where this medical doctor encourages the use of vitamin C for avoiding the corona virus. It is inexpensive, it is easy, and it is powerful. Let’s do what we can do, and we can do this. Spread the message.