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Healing our Childhood

Most of us have at least one issue we have to “work on” during out lifetime.  Often, probably most often, it was something that happened in childhood.  And when we hear what others went through, somehow it helps us process what we went through.

People may think you have to have cruel parents, or be beaten or abused to have issues from childhood.  But it isn’t true.  I was not beaten, and I wasn’t abused, but I had numerous traumas in childhood that caused me to spend the bulk of my adult years working to heal.  Listening to what others went through and what they did to help themselves, often helps us. 

Here is my follow up podcast.  Hope it helps your healing. Feel free to pass it to others.

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Corona Virus

Everyone is afraid of the next pandemic. And we should be.

We need to care for ourselves nutritionally to make sure our body is in the best shape to ward off any virus. Just as a doctor has found that the best way to avoid sepsis is using vitamin C in an IV in the ER (a procedure he is advocating to hospitals), the same can be said for many organisms.

Here is an article where this medical doctor encourages the use of vitamin C for avoiding the corona virus. It is inexpensive, it is easy, and it is powerful. Let’s do what we can do, and we can do this. Spread the message.