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View of Health

What is your perspective about health?  It is good to think about it when you are not in a state of crisis, but when you are living an ordinary life.

Here is mine:  I believe that our health can always improve.  If you are older, you may not lose all of the labels you have accrued over time.  In other words, you may still have a diagnosis of a disease process.  Even then, you can get better.  You can improve.  And some people completely heal.  Did I mention it usually takes effort, sometimes more than we have, meaning it isn’t something to be judgmental about.

Age has its process but you and I both know people who are pretty old and are in pretty good health.  I call them my models of how I want to grow older.  They never gave up.  They set intentions each day whether they did it consciously or not. 

We are purpose driven people.  Use your spark of creativity to decide:  what can I do today to improve my health?  You make choices each day that make you just a little healthier whether it be a walk, a heavy-duty exercise program, preparing yourself a meal full of love and nutrition or simply letting go of judgment you have toward yourself about not being perfect.  Take a moment to enjoy that you are here now!

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Extra Pounds?

Losing weight can be such a struggle. In this video, Satchin Panda talks about the circadian rhythm and how paying attention to WHEN we eat can make a huge difference on the scale. I think it is important what we eat. So I was startled at his research. He said that as long as he shortened the time the rats in his research could eat, they stayed healthy, and thin, no matter what they ate. And when the rats had access to food at any time of day, they developed diseases and were fat. I found his talk so interesting and thought you might too. Maybe there is some take home here. I’m going to try it.

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Regenerative Medicine

What does that mean? Instead of getting a knee replacement, let’s see if the one you have can be regenerated. You do that through using stem cell therapy and protein rich plasma (known as PRP) and there might be other options as well. The stickler with using the stem cells has been that the patient must pay for it out of pocket as insurance has not been willing to cover it.

As of January 2021, it is my understanding that Medicare will pay for stem cell therapy. That means you might be able to regenerate that knee or hip or shoulder or other joint instead of replacing it. If I can, I’d like to keep my parts! When Medicare does it, often other insurance follows. Of course, check with doctors who do that work. If you would like a referral to someone who does the stem cell therapy, give me a call.