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As I look at the patients I’ve served over the years, one thing stands out.  As far as health, we are not all created equal.  And on top of that, sometimes we have accidents, illnesses or experiences that negatively affect our health. 

If you are having a day where you feel good, enjoy your day to the fullest.  No one gets out of life without some knocks.   I am never more thankful for my health than right after I have been sick.  After a sickness, I feel so grateful to have my health back.  Life goes on and perhaps a month later, I don’t wake up thinking how grateful I am to feel well.  At that point, my days of being sick are a dim memory.

Summer is coming.  Let’s appreciate every day!

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Dr. McDougall is a medical doctor who recognized early on in his practice that food is very important.  That recognition changed his practice and his life.  He is my age and has had a very different career than the average medical doctor.  He made this video on hypertension and how he treats it.  There are so many people with hypertension problems.  And doctors do not have the time to explain, at length the issue.  And let’s face it, taking a drug is the easy way out.  But it isn’t the healthy way out.  I like this video because Dr. McDougall tells you what works and what does not work, even what medication works and doesn’t.  If you or your loved one has high blood pressure, please watch this video.  Not all doctors know the information he does so it is an opportunity to learn something new.