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It is the holiday season. No matter what holiday you celebrate, if gift giving is a part of it, you want to be smart about gifting.  I remember an elderly woman in my hometown. She was beloved by many.  She had a home and didn’t need “stuff.”  She said many times, “if I can’t eat it or wear it, don’t give it to me.”

As people age, they need less “stuff” and often they need more help:  help with their body.  Much of the time, people don’t know how to help so I have a few suggestions.

If someone has pain, the cbd cream I sell tests well on almost everyone.  The feedback I get from people is they like it.  It is in the form of a body butter.  It doesn’t take much to make you feel better.  It is worth a try.  It is 45.95 plus tax.  As you might know, I have tested a number of these in my practice and this is the one that tests the best.

Another gift idea is the socks!  I’ve talked about them before.  You can see them on my website or in my office.  I have them for sale or you can order them off my site.  The reason I really like them is they increase my balance. They also give more stamina, so if someone is on their feet all day, they will appreciate a pair of socks. They increase athletic performance, like your golf game. They increase range of motion too. I know, they sound magical, but they aren’t.  On the bottom of the sock is patented information that stimulates the neuroreceptors all the way to the brain.  And, did I mention, they enhance brain function too!

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Thankful for You!

I am thankful for you, my patients and friends.  I consider it an honor for you to trust me with your body and health.  I love what I do.   You allow me the opportunity to do what I love to do most.  Thank you!

The big word these days is inflammation.  Everyone wants something for their inflammation.  It is wise to clear up inflammation.  However, people talk about it as if it is, “the thing.”  It isn’t.  Inflammation is a response in the body.  It is the response to an injury.  This is basic physiology.

What kind of injury? It can be any kind of injury.  I like to talk about it as physical, like spraining an ankle.  Or chemical, like eating or drinking something your body really doesn’t like.  Or it can be electromagnetic, like holding a cell phone to your head day in and day out.

So remember, inflammation is the response.  Just treating it isn’t always going to get you to where you want to go.  Go upstream to the cause.  Are you eating something your body doesn’t like?  Are you stressed out with too much screen time or an emotional issue?  Or have you sprained your ankle.

Always look to the cause of the problem, not the body’s response to the cause!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Breathing on the Run

Normally, I am in the office around the Thanksgiving holiday, but this year I will be in San Diego. Please call or text if you need to get in

This time of year pulls our energy.  We want to participate in all the festivities without overwhelming our body.  Everyone knows to stay hydrated and get as much sleep as is possible.  A way to calm your nervous system down amidst all the excitement is deep breathing.

It is easy to forget.  Breathing doesn’t take long really, but it is one of those things people intend to do but tend to get at the end of the day and realize they haven’t breathed deeply all day.

I have a little trick. Tie deep breathing to another behavior. Every time you go to the bathroom during your day just take three deep breaths.  Breathing deeply is so satisfying and nurturing it can’t help but relax you.  Take your breath deeper and deeper.

If you have a child or grandchild that gets “wound up,”  play a game of deep breathing.  It won’t last long, but it doesn’t have to in order to be effective.

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There is a prediction that by 2025, 1 in 2 children will be autistic.  That is a heavy, heavy statistic. And it was made by an MIT graduate.

If you want to understand what the fuss is regarding autism vs. vaccines, an easily digestible way to see who says what  is the video vaxxed.  The names of researchers, the CDC specialist, and the research is given.  When you hear and understand both sides, you can decide what you want to do.

A link is up so we can watch it for free until November 8th.  However, my computer skills fail me.  So maybe everyone needs to own a copy to share.

The video is called Vaxxed and you can buy it here.  Buy a few for Christmas presents!

And I think you can see it here for free until Nov. 8th.