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Oils–listen up!

This doctor, Chris Knobble, will be known long after his death for the dedicated work he has done for macular degeneration. He has written a great book and done tons of research. He is an amazing person and has some amazing information to give us: seed oil is making us fat and sick and also giving us macular degeneration. If you know anyone with macular degeneration, please forward them this link so they can know what NOT to eat to slow their progression. Watch this video for just a taste of his wonderful information!

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Healing With Frequencies

Good Health is Priceless, right?   

If you can do something at home to improve your health, it will always pay off.  Of course, you can exercise and eat well.  And you have seen my Biomat and the Voxx products (you can look on the dashboard of my website).  Those are things you can use at home without needing any doctor or nurse or prescription to help you.  

One of my patients told me about the HEALY bio-frequency wearable device and I am excited about the potential it provides for self-care.  Do it at home, and little by little, improve your health.  If you are interested in seeing the HEALY or experiencing the HEALY, you email me at and I’ll set a time I can show it to you.  Or you can call me at 303-929-4320.  Two of our greats, Edison and Tesla both said something to the effect that the medicine of the future will be using frequencies.  Now is the future!  Do it now!

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Do You Need a Change?

Summer is here!  At least almost.  Flowers are blooming.  Fresh vegetables are filling the marketplace.  There are many farmer’s market’s around the city to choose from.  If you are so inclined to try a vegan approach to diet, I think this is a good time of year to give it a whirl.  There will be so many fruits and vegetables to choose from. 

There are many approaches to diet.  We all have our personal preferences.  However, if you have a health problem, why not change your diet and see if that will give you positive results.  Just try something different.  

Vegan is a good choice because it is anti-inflammatory.  If you have bad arthritis, just leave off the night shades.  What I am suggesting is to try something you haven’t tried before.  And since summer is here, why not try lots of fruits and vegetables for the next three months and see how you feel.  Get some blood work.  Are your markers better?

If you don’t want to be vegan, then change your diet in another way.  Change is the operative word.  You are on a mission looking for health!

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Many people are working from home.  We see comics about being in your robe all day.  It is a good laugh.  It is important to treat yourself well, even if you can’t get it done professionally, like your brows and nails.  Just remember to consider yourself as if you had never heard of Covid.  Yes, our world is different, but our body needs some TLC whether we are dressing for work or not.  Everyone has a different idea of what that TLC might look like.  

One person has lost 20 pounds because she decided to just eat fruits and vegetables and exercise more as she has quarantined.  I thought, “I wish I had thought of that.”  Another person said there are pros and cons with remote working, but that she did not get the same quality of self-care when she worked at home.  

Think about the things you can do to increase your health this summer instead of the things we can’t do (go to Red Rocks concerts, etc).  It doesn’t have to be a massive change, 20 minutes of meditation a day, 20 minutes of walking a day, changing up your diet, giving yourself 20 minutes a day to read a book, taking your detox bath at night and many others.  The little things we do all add up.  Let’s do addition this summer!!