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Cholesterol Facts!

Recently I was listening to a podcast by Bruce Lipton, PhD who wrote the Biology of Belief. He talked about numerous subjects and found his way to cholesterol. As he was giving statistics, I remembered I had heard these statistics several years ago from a chiropractor I study from, Dr. Dan Murphy. The essential take home statistics are as follows:

  • cholesterol doesn’t cause atherosclerosis
  • anti-histamines stop cholesterol build up
  • cholesterol build up is a reaction to stress
  • statins rake in 29 billion dollars a year from the pharmaceutical industry in the US alone
  • for every 300 people who take a statin, one will have a positive effect.
  • Out of the 300, 45-80 will suffer consequences and side effects that will negatively affect their health
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How We Spend Our Money

Unfortunately, it does cost more money to eat healthy. The fast food and processed food industries of the world make certain of that. However, we all make our choices. For me, I’d rather pay more eating real food like fresh vegetables and fruits as opposed to processed food. And, I’d rather eat organic fruits and vegetables if I have the choice. If you think they are expensive, have you seen the costs of drugs or medicine lately?  And I’m not just talking about the cost in money.  According to John Hopkins, over 250,000 people a year are killed by our conventional medical system. That boggles the mind as it is almost 700 people a day!  Let’s take control of our own health so we won’t find ourself needing much medical care.    Good food plus proper supplementation works for many of us.  Come join us!  Now where did I put that organic apple?

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Back to Basics!

It is always good to remember the basics!  In our health care, I consider the basics to be structure, chemistry and energetics.  Most people think of structural work when they think of chiropractic.  The adjustment not only effects the joints, but those joints send signals all the way to the brain.  As our food and environment has more problems, the chemistry work is a God-send.  Getting rid of organisms and avoiding foods that we are sensitive to can give us great benefit.  Energetics include many ways the body can be shifted through energy work like acupuncture, NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique), flower remedies along with many other modalities.  Often people have one area (structure, chemistry or energetics) where they feel they receive the most benefit.  Some people, like myself, find they need a combination of all of the treatments to really feel well.  Leave a comment below and tell me, does your body benefit more from structural work, chemistry work or energetic work?  And, remember, GOOD HEALTH IS PRICELESS!

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The Healthiest Time of the Year

As the warmer months approach, we are pleased to welcome better health.  Spending time outside allows  us more vitamin D and exercise.  Just walking and enjoying fresh air is good for our health.   It feels good to take a deep breath of fresh air especially out in nature.  You may notice your mood picking up as more sunlight sparks brighter attitudes.  And nature gives us beautiful flowers which certainly brings a smile to my face.  I love the seasons and what each has to offer, and that includes foods.  The farmer’s markets are open with fresh fruits and vegetables. Indulge yourself eating fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic!!  ENJOY!

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Can You Hear What Your Body Has to Say?

One pamphlet that crossed my desk said, “one in five Americans use at least one psychiatric drug a day.” Wow! Have we given up on helping people deal with their feelings? There are so many options for help available these days before opting for drugs.  When we medicate our pain, we can’t feel it and therefore we don’t even know we have pain. And I am talking emotional pain as well as physical pain. I remember a woman who brought her daughter to me after having an accident because years before, the mom was involved in a car accident and was put on a drug she took for 9 years, until she realized how disconnected she was to her children. She didn’t want that to happen to her daughter. Allow your body to talk to you!