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Re-Generative Farming

It had to happen.  And it IS happening.  

Re-generative agriculture is a word that will be getting more and more popular and more and more attention.  The earth is so fabulous that these farmers can turn their farms around in pretty much a year.  

Farmers are at risk for getting the money they need to run their farms. Farmer’s are at risk for losing top soil too.  But why listen to me?  I’m not a farmer.  But I have treated many people that food has injured.  So I am thrilled to hear about the regenerative farming practices.

This link connects to a page with a video by Dr. Zach Bush. Scroll down the page says “watch film.” Farmers’s are speaking. And we need to listen. This movement will grow because we all like to eat.   My hat is off to Dr. Zach Bush for his efforts in health care as well as farming.  He saw the light and is helping others to see it too.

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Water and Cancer

I took a class once from an optometrist who talked about the difference in people with near-sighted and far-sighted issues. They learned in WWII that far-sighted people do not do well in a submarine. Whereas near-sighted people, when stressed, will hunker down and work. Far-sighted people need to take a broad look, like from an airplane.

And so it is with health. Sometimes we need to step back and take a bigger look at what we are doing. There is no use worrying about taking the right supplements when you are drinking water that is not purified. I like to give you hard evidence because it isn’t just my opinion.

Read this article about how chlorine is associated with cancer and that almost all municipalities use chlorine in their water. For good health, you must filter your water. It is a first step toward health.

Personally, I like to swim but find it impossible as the chlorine is on my skin for the rest of the day. Just walking into the pool area, the chlorine smell makes me feel I’m being drugged.

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Stem Cells

It is fabulous when we can use our own cells to heal our body. That is what stem cells do. I don’t offer stem cells in my practice, but because my patients might need them, I like to learn about them.

Here is a link to a docu-series about stem cells. You can learn from all of the professionals they have gathered to give you the latest and greatest about stem cells. Of course, they would like you to buy their series, but you don’t have to. You can watch from your computer so if the need ever arises, you will already be educated on stem cells. I’m sure the information will come in handy at some point.

People use stem cells for all kinds of health problems, but what do the professionals suggest? Maybe someday stem cells will be covered by insurance as the stem cell treatment might cost $5000 while a knee replacement costs far more. If politicians really wanted to solve the health care crisis, there are ways. Keep this information in your back pocket for yourself, or a friend or a family member.

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Everyone has heard about the huge amount of plastics that fil our oceans and how that affects the fish and the ecosystem.  But did you know that they are now finding plastic in humans

It is true and as you might guess it is an insult to our health.  The body wasn’t made to process plastics.  

What can you do personally about it?  Do less and less plastics.  Do more and more natural fibers.  Avoid the plastic bags as much as possible.  Avoid the plastic bottles that we use once and throw away.

Let’s do what we can to heal our earth and our bodies!