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  • Debate

    October 7, 2022
    I wish our country could have a debate about health care and vaccines and how we test science instead of declare science. At this point, it isn’t possible. So you have to search yourself for both sides. This is a good explanation of why a cardiologist from ...
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  • Reactions to Vaccines

    September 5, 2022
    Some people have told me they have not known anyone who had a vaccine injury. And what kind of injuries are they talking about. There have been some horrific reactions, like death. One of the ways a trail for a drug is conducted is that anything that ...
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  • Natural Immunity

    August 29, 2022
    Natural immunity is the best immunity you can have. So if I get the flu, the best defense I have against ever having that flu again is the natural immunity that my body has created. Would you like to hear Dr. Fauci say so? Here is ...
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  • Aging

    August 23, 2022
    If you would like to know what they found in research about what helps people live to ripe old ages, look no further. This is a 60 minutes segment and it will give you valuable information. We know we are all different, so it won’t include everyone, but you can get ...
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  • What to Eat?

    August 16, 2022
    Isn’t it interesting.  We have more pharmaceuticals than ever before, and yet Americans are less healthy. When I was a child, I lived with my grandparents, so I was around quite a few older people.  I do not remember one person who had Alzheimer’s.    People were old, and of course, some had a disease, ...
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  • Health and Food

    August 10, 2022
    If you think a calorie is a calorie, please listen today’s video. If you have crones disease, please listen to today’s video. If you have fatty liver disease, which is more and more common, please listen to today’s video. If you are concerned about the environment, please listen to today’s video. If you think ...
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  • Whatever you need!

    August 3, 2022
    There is so much information available to us today that it is shocking. My friend told me she woke up in the night and her neck hurt so bad. She is not a health practitioner. She didn’t know what to do. She went onto youtube and looked up ...
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  • July 12, 2022
    I have patients come in my office and request a “cleanse.”  There are all kinds of “cleanses” out there.  I suggest to patients to eat well and simply for a week or two.  That means, eat steamed or raw organic vegetables, organic fruits, and drink pure water for two weeks without adding anything ...
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  • B vitamins

    June 30, 2022
    I was reading how B vitamins are important to avoid macular degeneration, which I have. Believe me, you want to avoid macular degeneration. Higher serum levels of vitamin B12 were strongly associated with decreased risk of having macular degeneration where high levels of homocysteine were associated with a ...
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  • Our Emotional Imprints

    June 25, 2022
    I do the NeuroEmotional Technique in my practice. It isn’t hard for us to understand how our childhood affected us. Why? Because we remember it. Right? However, sometimes an emotion will go back to conception or our time in the womb. How in the ...
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  • June, July and August

    June 21, 2022
    Summer is flying by.  As we are rolling toward July 4, I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather.   Did you know there is something called laughter therapy?  If you are my age, you might remember a man by the name of Norman Cousins, who was diagnosed with cancer.  He rented some funny movies ...
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  • New Symptoms

    June 14, 2022
    If you aren’t a senior, you have friends and family who are.  Let’s say someone comes up with a new symptom or group of symptoms.  The first thing to review is:  look up all the medications they are taking and see what the side effects are.   That long list of side effects that you ...
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  • Summertime

    June 7, 2022
    I haven’t heard anyone singing “and the living is easy.”   Not lately.  But, It is easier for us to be well in the summer.  We spend more time outside.  Yeah for vitamin D, right?   We tend to get more exercise.  People vacation.  Relaxation is a desired destination. People tend to be healthier in the summer. People clear ...
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  • Movement

    May 30, 2022
    If there is a direction you can’t move or if you hurt when you move, you have a fascial problem. Fascia is a covering for your bone, your blood vessels, your organs, your nerve fibers as well as your muscles. When you have inflammation in your body, it ...
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