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  • Here is the Proof!

    January 14, 2019

    Perhaps I’ve talked with you over the years about stress and emotions and how they affect your physiology.  It is one thing to understand problems with your mind, but another to help the body de-stress from the event.

    A research project was completed on the NeuroEmotional Techique, which is the work I do.  The research was on people who had recovered from cancer, but felt highly stressed with the fear of it coming back.  The subjects were given a functional MRI of the brain, before treatment of NET and after short term treatment,  which showed the the patients brains were changed by the NET.

    Originally, the brain showed traumatic memories and after the short term treatment, the brain basically normalized itself.  It was not longer a traumatic memory.  And that was without medication or years of therapy.

    You can watch a documentary about this project.  It is called “Stressed” and is available on Amazon.   It might be free if you have amazon prime.   I’d love your feedback on the documentary.  It is wonderful to have drug-free options.

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