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Children are back in school and we are clearly looking at fall.  Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are around the corner.  Throw a fall break in there, if you have children in school, and you have your calendar for the rest of the year.

But right now, we are enjoying the bountiful summer harvest.  Going to a farmer’s market will heighten your senses.  Enjoy the fresh produce because winter isn’t far behind. My Granny always “put up” vegetables and fruits by canning and freezing.  I hope these arts aren’t lost in our progressive world.

When we can or freeze, we know exactly what it in the product.  When we buy it, we don’t know exactly what is in the product. Because our health depends on our food, if you are so inclined, I think you are awesome if you can or freeze even a small portion of your food.  In the winter when you take a cobbler out of the freezer that you made this time of year, it is far better than any you can buy!  And probably more nutritious.

Whether you freeze or can or don’t do either, enjoy this time of year with our bountiful harvests.  My favorites are the peaches this time of year.  What fruits or vegetables available now are your favorite?

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Best Video of the Year

Don’t you love this day and age of great videos?  I do. Sometimes I will listen to a video while I’m cooking dinner or doing my hair.  It is a great way to get information that someone else has assimilated. This video is a must share with my patients and friends.  In one single video, you get the basics of natural medicine, how the body was meant to deal with issues that come up, like infection.   He talks about healing asthma.  He talks about healing cancer.  The original research regarding polio might be what you find the most interesting.  You let me know what part you like the most.

To me, so far this year, this is the video of the YEAR!  If everyone listened to and understood the information in this video, it would give me so much hope for the health of the people of our country.

This is such a great video that, no doubt, I will buy his book.   But whether I get the book read or not, this video is fabulous and I am grateful for it.

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Mercury in the Teeth

In our struggle for health, one major concern is the mouth, specifically the teeth.  Mercury is a neurotoxin.  Do you really want that in your mouth?  There are many other options these days.  Other countries have mercury free dentistry, but we don’t. Holistic pratitioners are struggling to get mercury out of our mouths.  At least don’t put any more mercury in your mouth.  Alternatives are available.  Use them.

But please, don’t take my word for it.  Go to youtube  and see for yourself what the mercury looks like coming off the teeth.  You continue breathing while you are getting your teeth worked on.  You breathe that gas.

You are bombarded with chemicals on a daily basis.  Many you cannot avoid, but this one you can.  To better understand mercury-free dentistry and the difference it is making around the world, go to the article on Dr. Mercola’s site.