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Avoiding Fungus!

Manicures and pedicures are very popular and I have to say, they make my hands and feet feel better. There are risks and if you know me, you know I will do almost anything to avoid fungus. And there have been bad cases of fungus reported from having a manicure or pedicure in a spa that was not using proper cleaning products. There are some establishments I have left because I can’t stand the chemical smell. I like the ones that are so well ventilated that I don’t have to smell the acrylic nails and the smells from the polish. I also make certain they are using sanitary products and keep their basins clean. Older people may have a more difficult time keeping their toes and toenails healthy. Note: great gift idea!

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High Heels!

One of the problems with women wearing high heels is it causes dropped metatarsals. That is where the bone coming down to the toes, falls. Just by looking at a woman’s foot in a high heel, the mechanics are obvious. I believe I have read that even Oprah says she uses high heels just for photos. Why? Because they hurt and especially as we get older.   And yes, they are so cute! I tell the young girls to enjoy them because there will come a day when they can’t do that anymore. Maybe they can do it, but they will FEEL the wisdom of choosing more comfortable shoes. Our feet need to last a lifetime, so be judicious with your shoes! And after a night of wearing high heels, give your feet a nice, good foot rub!

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Keep Your Tendons Healthy!

Did you know that a common reaction to taking certain antibiotics is that a tendon in your body will degenerate? Normally it is the Achilles tendon, but it can be other tendons. I’ve had patients experience this and it is no fun. That is another reason I love the nutritional approach I use in my practice so I can keep from talking antibiotics and help other people avoid them too. The last antibiotic I took was in 1980. I’m not saying I won’t ever take one, but as long as I can clear the infection with nutritional products, why would I want the side effects of the antibiotics? It is well known they disturb the digestive tract by killing our good bacteria. The moral of the story: avoid them if you can!

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Hello Holidays!

The holidays are upon us. Please remember as you gift older people that nothing is more important than health.  If they hurt, maybe a bottle of lotion with arnica in it would be helpful. Throw in an essential oil. I love the muscle massager I have which makes it possible to massage your own body.   A gift certificate for a massage would be something they can really appreciate. Rescue remedy for sleep would be a great stocking stuffer for those with difficult sleep on occasion. Or if you give them a basket, make it fresh fruit and nuts. Throw in a candle and they will love it. Let’s have a healthy holiday!