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Vaccine or No?

Just like politics, most people are very positioned about vaccines. But do you know why you have the position you have?

It is a big subject and I attempt to keep this a TIP, instead of a long blog. And, you want to hear from experts, right? So join me in watching a documentary about vaccines. It is a big subject and has a long history so watch and learn.

When I was a kid, I had never heard the word auto-immune disease. What has caused the increase in auto immune issues. Please don’t say genetics, because genetics don’t work like that. Genetic change happens over many life times, not one. I don’t know what is in this documentary, but I’d be very surprised if they don’t have something about auto-immune disease, so share this link with others so they can also watch this documentary.

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Bad Breath

There are many reasons for bad breath. If you don’t have a problem with your teeth or gums, look to your digestion. Bad breath can come up from the intestines. You may notice it now more than ever if you are wearing masks. Improve your digestion, but that takes some time. I just read about a quick fix. If you use it, please let me know how it works for you.

Take a slice of cucumber and hold it to the roof of your mouth for at least 30 seconds. When I read something like this, of course maybe it works maybe it doesn’t. I always weigh the pros and cons of using it. There are no cons. It is a cucumber for goodness sake. If it doesn’t work, you aren’t left with pain (like using statins) or a blood clot (remember the old birth control pill), so you might as well try it.

Try it and come see me and let’s work on your digestion! When I was a kid, if you had a stomach ache, you were sick. Many people live with gut aches. And please remember the connection between the gut and the brain and recognize that your brain health, think depression, is often caused by your gut health!! Enjoy the end of summer!!

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Erectile Dysfunction

it isn’t just men that are concerned about their sexual performance. The women in their lives are concerned about it too.

Often this information is talked about behind smirks and grins, where we assume it is everyone else’s problem. Young men don’t usually have to deal with these issues, but they are not forever young. Right? Wouldn’t it be great to deal with it BEFORE it is a problem so you, or your loved one, NEVER have to deal with it?

Everyone, sooner or later, gets to the age where their body is not just talking to them, but screaming at them. But what if there was a way to discover if you are “on your way to erectile dysfunction” before you actually get there? And what if there is an easy fix? Feel free to come in and talk with me or simply watch the movie you can get on net flicks, “The Game Changer.” They do a fabulous job of explaining exactly the problem and the fix of erectile dysfunction. And, no pills are involved.

If you do not have net flicks, this is one movie you will always be glad you have on DVD. ENJOY!

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What the Health?

Have you watched more movies since Covid?  I’ll bet that part of the economy has soared.

I have a suggestion.  Watch the movie, “What the Health.”  If you have excess weight, if you suffer from asthma, if you are in pain, if you have diabetes or thyroid issues, see what others did to help themselves.  

One area I can attest to is where does our information comes from.  When I taught foods in the public schools, before I was a chiropractor, the visual aids and educational tools were all “gifts” from the meat and dairy industry.  Just saying!! 

ENJOY the movie!