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Party On!

I may have told you that this year, 2019, is my 30thyear anniversary of starting my practice in the Denver area.

Let’s pretend I’m having a party and invite you! I want you to understand why our health in this country has gone south. Why? So you can spread the word of how everyone can improve their health and happiness.  We meet at a movie theatre and watching this movie.  We have to adapt. It is a virtual movie theater.

Everyone has a great time.  Afterwards, as the party progresses, we discuss:

  1. How he certainly explained diabetes 2.  
  2. He explains what addiction is all about.
  3. I always wondered why so many people are unhappy,
  4. Now we understand why there are so many suicides.
  5. What will really change our health care crisis and how we can get onboard!
  6. Now we understand what social media has to do with it?

I can’t wait to talk to you about this video at your next appointment.

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Don’t you love how people can just pass a law without being qualified on the subject matter?

There is a bill in Colorado, HB 3063, that, if passed, will take away personal and religious exemptions for vaccinations. Please advise your congressman to vote against this bill. We need to retain rights with what happens to our body.

If a person wants to take a vaccination, go ahead. But I have patients who have been injured by previous vaccinations. Should they have to take more?

If a person is interested, there are many resources to learn about vaccinations and how our health has gone downhill taking so many. In 1968, 4% of children had a chronic health condition. Now about 50% of all children have a chronic illness. And a study was done comparing people who, like me, had all of the childhood diseases and those who had all of the vaccinations and it was found that those who had the childhood diseases are healthier as adults. There is so much information about vaccines that is documented and searchable. Please take a few minutes to contemplate. Our health has not gotten better with all of the vaccines. It is so much harder to get people well today than 33 years ago when I graduated chiropractic school.

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What About Fasting?

I have a video today that will, hopefully, enlighten you as it did me.  The video is about fasting, but before you leave the page, know that studies have been done with people are are taking chemo.  The studies show that our bodies have been programmed, genetically, to help us out when we are fasting.  Cancer cells will be weaker while normal cells will be stronger.  

But no one wants to give money to provide studies on fasting.  Sometimes we just can’t take the easy route, can we?  Fasting was helpful to mice and helpful to people. That shows that over time, people have been programmed to allow fasting to help us with disease processes or sickness.  More study needs to be done with other disease like RH, MS, and many others.  

Today’s health tip is really simply to let you know what is going on in this area.  If you haven’t ever fasted, it will be enlightening. We are so afraid of not having food! Yep that is me!   

One woman in the video was not feeling very well on day 4 of her fast.  And when she got up on day 5, she felt so good. This video is informative and I hope you will watch it and then email me telling me how much you enjoyed it!!

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Start the conversation

I feel so fortunate to love my chiropractic work.  Whether it is your work, your play or your family, it is important to find something you love.  As my Granny always said, “Life is short.”  And as we get closer to the end than the beginning, we notice that to be true.  

You have probably heard talk about the five wishes.  They are who do you want to make care decisions for you when you can’t?   What kind of treatment you want and don’t want?  How comfortable to you want to be made?  How do you want people to treat you?  And, what do I want my loved ones to know?

We always think we have so much time in the future to handle these kinds of questions.  My parents thought that, and yet they both died when I was just a baby.  Life is uncertain.  We never know what is in store for us or those we love.  

Consider it an act of love to talk about this tonight at dinner.  This isn’t something to do in ten minutes.  It needs real consideration.  It is important—too important to put off!

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Whistle Blower

You have heard the saying, “where there is smoke, there is fire.”  And, from experience, we know that is often the truth.  

In this day and age of whistle-blowers, we sometimes find out what was meant to be kept secret. There is always a reason.

If you have wondered about autism, I have an article for you. Please read it.

This is a big problem because it has been estimated by an MIT researcher that by 2025, one out of two children will be autistic.  Let’s not allow that to happen!