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Afraid of Losing Your Mind?

The biggest looming fear as we get older is keeping our wits about us. There are those moments of recognizing our memory isn’t as good as it used to be. I remember when I had lunch with a very good older friend when I realized she was not thinking the way she normally did. But there was no talking to her. She was paranoid. She had never been like that before.

I soon came to find that she had Alzheimer’s. My understanding is that if we are aware we are not remembering as well as we used to, we most likely do not have Alzheimer’s. My experience with my friend was a change in personality. She was mad at a friend. Before she was very accepting of our human mistakes. She was paranoid. I had never experienced her that way before. She was blaming. Very unlike her. She could not see herself properly. I understand that is more how “losing my mind” presents.

So if you are experiencing memory slips, and recognize it, don’t worry too much. Of course, I will always do what I can to help my brain. Brain health, for me, is at the top of my list!

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This doctor is new to me, but I so enjoyed all he had to say. The information is not new to me. He speaks about fasting. He gives us a good reason to fast. At one point he talked about how your body has 70% greater chance of avoiding cancer by fasting. Who doesn’t want that? Fasting is very good for us, but it is a mental game. Most people aren’t that hungry. Hunger goes away, but our mind wants to eat. He is a good doctor predicting that protocols of fasting will accompany cancer treatment in the future.

Even if you are not in the mental place to fast right now, listen to him and file it away for future use.

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The ONE thing

What is the ONE thing that a person can do for their health that will have the greatest impact on their health?  There are many things, obviously, but the thing I feel is one of the very most important is to eat organic food.  I know it is more expensive.   I say, “I am paying my co-pay on the front end.”

If you can’t eat all organic, there are a few fruits and vegetables that are most necessary to eat organic.  They are apples, sweet bell peppers, cucumbers, celery, potatoes, grapes and cherry tomatoes.  It is that time of year so ENJOY THEM!