My Practice


Most of us don’t think about our health every day, unless we don’t have it. Then we think about it every minute of every day. The simple fact is, if you don’t have your health, if you don’t feel good, if you’re in pain, life is just not the same, because you can’t enjoy it. Our vision has always been that the path to a healthful lifestyle involves not only physical, but the mental, emotional and social aspects of one’s being.


At Edwards Holistic Health Center, our philosophy is simple. We provide affordable, high-quality care to people of all ages. We believe true health is a state of balance in structure, chemistry, emotions and energetic well being, not merely the absence of symptoms and disease. We strive to cure our patients with natural healthcare, prevent illness, prevent unnecessary drug intake, and needless surgeries.


We couple our passion and expertise of chiropractic, patient care, and education with holistic methods to help you regain and maintain optimum health. Our office provides a nurturing environment where you’ll find Dr. Elva Edwards to be supportive, directive, and confident in helping you achieve your goals for consistent total body wellness.


Our promise is to treat you with respect and to provide the highest quality care to help you reach your desired level of health and wellness. Your journey to healing and wellness can begin today. We look forward to discussing the issues that you are facing, working on the solutions and helping to implement those changes in your life.


We believe that you, the patient, need to take responsibility for your health and must be an active participant in your own healing. We are here to guide and assist you in that quest. It is not our aim to dictate, but to form a team with you, so together we can make the appropriate choices and plan how best to achieve optimum health and well being.