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Do you sometimes wish you could be your own doctor? In a sense, you are our own doctor when you make decisions about your health on a daily basis. Some examples are: what you choose to eat, how are choose to move your body, how much sleep you get and how you offer self-compassion? The answer can be determined by one question: how much do you love yourself?   Love yourself enough to do what you can for the health of your body!

Having been in practice for twenty-nine years, I know, it is much more important what you do everyday for/to your body than what we do on rare occasions. Some people choose to buy all kinds of gadgets to, in some way, help them with their health.   New technologies allow you to wear a bracelet that will track your exercise and sleep. Depending on what price you pay, you can have many more statistics tracked such as heart rate.   Some people have equipment in their homes such as a stationary bike or an inversion table. We could have a whole room in the house just for health!

I have found a wonderful product that would be a great addition to any home for the purpose of increasing your health.  Actually, I have fallen in love with the Biomat.. The synergy of amethyst crystals, far infrared heat and negative ions creates a healing energy. Many people think it looks and feels like a heating pad, until they use it. After using it, people realize it is much more than a heating pad. Some people can feel it right away while others have to get a dose of 45 minutes or so, and some people need days of repeated use. If you go to my website at you can navigate to Biomat. It will take you to an information site where, at the bottom, are numerous videos. I suggest watching one video, the one by Gail Soucy. She does a good job of explaining the Biomat, within the FDA guidelines.

Remember the far infrared rays penetrate six to eight inches into your body whereas a regular heating pad only heats the area on the surface. And the far infrared affects the whole body where a heating pad only affects the location the heating pad is touching. It is known that amethyst crystals are the best delivery system for the far infrared rays. Another reason I like the Biomat is that the controller grounds the EMF’s so you aren’t receiving those negative frequencies.

The Biomat is made in Korea and is used in the hospitals there. It is available worldwide. No matter where you live, you could enjoy the benefits of the Biomat. I have liked it so much that I have become a distributor. And I have a couple of loaner Biomats because I like the idea of giving people an opportunity to try it before buying.

The Biomat is inexpensive at $670 plus $40 for shipping. After the purchase, you can use it for thirty years. What else can do as much as the Biomat does for your health for that price and for that long? It is a real bargain!  Anything that can reduce swelling and inflammation in the body is a gift. And the other gift is you simply sit or lie on the mat while it relaxes and rejuvenates.   What else can you do that revitalizes while you are sitting? Much is written about how inflammation is the root cause of so many health problems and the Biomat will help your body with inflammation.

If you are in the Denver metro area, feel free to call my office and borrow one of my loaner Biomats. If you don’t live in the Denver metro area, know that all purchases can be returned within the first seven days. Most people will feel the benefit within that time frame and know that the benefits will keep accruing.

The FDA does not allow anyone to use the name of a disease in relationship to the Biomat, which makes it difficult to explain the results people have had. The Biomat is a gift to the world of suffering people. You make the choice for your health today!

Feel free to call my office with any questions. Please leave your comments if you have used the Biomat. Let’s us know what you think!


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Loving Yourself!

What is our major problem? I am not only talking about our problems with our body, but also the mind and spirit. I am even talking about the problems of our society and other societies as well. Maybe even the world! If you listen to people talk, you will often hear them say things like, “I am so mad at myself,” or another unkind remark.

I remember years ago I was talking to a patient about her three-year-old. She said she saw her daughter standing in front of the mirror with one leg outstretched and she said, “I love my legs.” We thought it was adorable.

I also remember a young woman in her later 20’s in my office. She was drop dead gorgeous, model material if she had the desire. And in talking about her complaints, she admitted she didn’t like her legs because she thought they were too fat.

It doesn’t do one bit of good to say, “oh but you are gorgeous.” It doesn’t matter that much what another person thinks about you, but it matters tremendously what you think about yourself. Do you love yourself? Do you love yourself even if you think a body part isn’t perfect or you did something you wished you hadn’t?

We have to ask, what happens to that young girl who grows up and becomes the young woman in her later 20’s that causes her to be self-loathing? We need to learn to see things objectively, but most of the time, I find, that people have blinders to their own beauty, and I am not just talking about physical beauty, but inner beauty as well.

When our inner beauty is not seen by those people who are most important to us (think parents and family) and reflected back to us so we can see it ourselves when we are children, then it becomes really hard for people to see and feel and know their own beauty.

Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you don’t make mistakes. As long as we are alive, we will make mistakes in life. It is all part of being human. The question is, “can you love yourself even when you make mistakes?”

Be as kind to yourself as you would be to a three-year- old in your life. They make mistakes, but that makes them even more precious. This is why so many people have said to me, “my grandmother saved my life.” Grandparents get to “re-do” parenting and, of course, having become older and wiser, our second try is far better than the first time. No matter how great of a parent you are, you will likely be a better grandparent. Experience is a great teacher. And age allows maturity.

Often, it is easy for the grandparent to love the child in a way that the child soaks it in. The grandparent isn’t overly critical. The grandparent is tickled with the antics of the child. Grandparents have more patience and time and don’t make a child feel they are wrong. I guess, when it comes down to it, a grandparent often makes the child feel loved in a special way. I call that way, “unconditional.”

Of course, I’ve had people tell me their grandparents were not fun or loving. So it is a generalization that I use to simply make a point. Often grandparents enjoy the child and allow the child to be a child. The child feels accepted and loved. Loved without doing anything to deserve it, but loved because they are alive and exist in their lives. Loved because they are beautiful, inside and out.

And now the question is: can you love and accept yourself as a work in progress? This month notice your inner dialogue and see if you catch yourself saying something unkind to yourself. This is the first step to change your pattern to loving yourself!! You have heard the saying, “charity starts at home.” Well, love starts at home too. You must love yourself before you can love someone else.

As my Granny often said, “we love them, warts and all!” And the same goes for self-love. Love yourself, warts and all.

If this has helped you see the beauty in yourself, please leave a comment that might help others see the beauty in themselves!