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Extensive Research

Maybe you don’t know, but I have macular degeneration.  Dr. Chris Knobble has definitively discovered that the rate of macular degeneration in our society has gone up as our use of vegetable oils has gone up.  

Most likely each of us can eat a different amount of vegetable oils, before developing macular degeneration.  I would think I have eaten much less than the average person, but I have macular degeneration.   I have only bought about 2 bottles of vegetable oil in my life because I never had a family.  Especially since going to chiropractic school, I just don’t eat that way.  

If you want to learn more about what he found on his extensive research into macular degeneration, watch this video.

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It is the FOOD!!

Dr. Michael Greger is an interesting guy.  He wrote the books, “How Not to Die,” and “How Not to Diet.”  His website is  He likes to bring the research down to us people on the street.  It just takes too long for it to get to doctor’s offices.  These books are like gold mines!

One study he references in “How Not to Die” is about type 2 diabetes.  A study was done taking people who averaged their A1C at 8.2.  Under 5.7 is normal.  Above 6.5 is diabetic.  After 7 months of eating a diet centered on whole plant foods, the patients had stopped taking their medications and their A1C dropped to a non-diabetic 5.8.  How cool is that?  The right food corrects so many problems.  Enjoy all the fruits and vegetables that will be harvested this summer.  It is a great time to center meals around whole plant foods!

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How many times in your life have you had to jump up in the middle of the night because you have a muscle cramp? This is common. And, of course, it is immediate. You can’t wait until your doctor calls you back. You need relief immediately. Sometimes you jump up before you are even awake. Not exactly restful sleep, right?

There are a couple of very easy things you can do–both completely natural.

I rarely have a cramp in my foot or leg, but when I do, I jump up, go to the kitchen and put some of Mercola’s Himalayan Salt in my hand. Then I lick my hand. I go back to bed–cramp free. That salt has over 80 minerals in it. I love it.

My niece has said: if you will eat 2 dates a day, you won’t have cramps in the middle of the night. 

If you have cramps, try one of these home remedies. If you don’t have success, then try the other one. Let me know which of the two ways helps you. And if you feel like it, you can send this to family, friend, post of Facebook, etc. This is a common problem. Help your neighbor!! Good luck!!

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Stem Cells

Maybe you have heard about stem cells. Some people choose that route instead of a joint replacement like a knee or a shoulder. A shot or a surgery? I would choose the stem cell and at the same time, I hope I never need it.

The other stem cells we hear about is with cancer. People have cancer and often can recover from it. It is the stem cell that we worry about because that is where the cancer is birthed. So the question is: what can we do about stem cells NOW. We don’t want to wait for a diagnosis. Have some of this in your diet every day so your body can take care of business and kill the stem cells. There are some foods listed to the side of this article if you don’t have time to read it all. Make sure you have some of those foods in your diet each day! Sayer Ji at provides this article. Please read and just eat it!!