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We are saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall. I can already feel fall in the air. The change in season is a reminder to us all that change in our life is a good thing. Each season brings something new and refreshing and although we liked the season we are leaving, there is something very inviting about beginning a new season. That season can be the climate, like spring, summer, fall and winter. Or it can be the sports seasons, football, basketball and baseball. Or it can be our life. Each new season offers new opportunities and possibilities. When we move houses, we get to clean out the old and bring in the new. Getting rid of our old clutter is so refreshing! New energy is created and old energy is released. We have a new beginning. Because we are creatures of habits, we can create new habits in a new environment. All in all, change is good. The most important quality that is needed with change is a good attitude because change always brings some adjustment!

Announcement: I have a new change in my life. I moved my office. I have new surroundings, new space, new paint and beautiful scenery. There is much to appreciate about my new working space. And I’m certain more change is on the way! So stay tuned.

I have relocated to the intersection of Wadsworth and Hampden. I am in the southeast corner of the intersection, located inside the First Bank building. If you are going south on Wadsworth, you go under Hampden and the First Bank is on the east side of the street. Most people have computer mapping. However, feel free to call for directions. Once you get to the bank, there is an elevator on the right as you walk in the front doors. Take the elevator to the third floor. I am in suite 301, the first door on the right as you go down the hall. The address is:

3500 South Wadsworth Suite 301,

Lakewood, CO 80235.

I look forward to seeing you.

Just because change is good and freeing and allows a person a fresh start, it doesn’t mean there aren’t feelings involved in leaving what was. We knew what to expect and we all love a routine. We have to give some things up to allow for the new to arrive in our life.

And that is true with any change we make. No need to give ourselves a hard time. Some people make change and never think another thing about it while others have a more difficult time with change.

For me, right now, change is about my office. For many children right now, change is about going back to school. You may notice some children can’t wait to start the new school year while others mourn the loss of the summer and their free time. Because each person deals with change differently, having compassion for oneself as well as others, like our children, is the best route. It will always be beneficial to work with accepting change into our lives, as it is a constant, in one way or another.

The most constant change in life is our body. When young, a child doesn’t notice the change, but the adults in their lives do. As we get older, we begin to notice a wrinkle here and there and our hair changes color. Learning to accept the ageing process is important and allows us to enjoy our later years. Again, much of the challenge is between the ears!

Change is non-negotiable in life: it will happen. I challenge you to do a self-check. How do you handle change in your life? How does your family handle change? What can you do in your life, as well as your family’s life, to support the process of change for you and yours? I would love for you to leave a comment below indicating what strategies you have used to implement change in your family that allows more acceptance and an ease of change! Have a great month!