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Come On Over!

Last week I talked about using ozone, at home, to keep you healthy.   I have a unit at my house and am setting aside time that you can come over and see and possibly experience an ozone treatment.  I will give you 3 dates and times.  Please call or text (303-929-4320) to make a reservation for the time that works for you. When you make the reservation, I will give you driving instructions. I am basically at the intersection of Quincy and Sheridan.  And yes, you can bring a friend.

February 6, 1-3 pm.

March 1, 1-3 pm.

March 31, 1-3 pm.

As long as people are interested, I will make future dates available.  Put this on your schedule so you won’t forget. Even if you don’t want to purchase one, it will add to your knowledge base of what is out there if you need it in the future or someone you know needs it.

In case you didn’t see last week’s health tip, read this.

And remember, Good Health is Priceless!

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Roll Back the Clock!

From the moment we are born, we all have an expiration date.  We just don’t know when it is.  Most of my patients agree that it isn’t so important how long we live, but our quality of life while we are here.

This year I’m dedicated to teaching others the things they can do at home to help their health.  Why?  Properly prescribed and properly taken prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death in the US.

Do everything you can for yourself before running to medications!  You know that I treat sick people all of the time.  How do I stay well?  This year, I invite you to my house to see one of the ways I stay healthy.  I will have certain days and times that you are invited.  They will be different days and times so you can find one that works for you.  

But I won’t hold you in suspense.  This is what I use.  I first started using it when I was diagnosed with macular degeneration.  I researched and found that Dr. Rowen had used this to stop macular degeneration’s progression.  To my surprise, not only did it help my eyes, but I haven’t been sick (except food poisoning) since I started.  And I noticed many of the aches and pains of older age, simply were not there anymore.  

I don’t mean I never hurt.  I sprained my ankle.  In fact, I broke my ankle.  Yes, it hurt.  My experience was the aches and pains of getting up in the morning, that kind of thing, were gone.  My experience is that people with a lower immune system can really benefit.  

Does that mean I think everyone needs it?  I think everyone needs to decide for themselves.  I’m giving you the opportunity to come to my house, see my set up, and experience a treatment if you choose.  

Next week, I will have days and times that will work for me and how to make a reservation. 

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My First Podcast

Not long ago I gave a talk at a club meeting. In the audience was Cheryl Ilov. I was impressed as she practices martial arts. She has her black belt! She has written a book about staying fit after 50. By the looks of her, she could definitely educate us on being fit as we grow older.

She also has a website called, The FemiNinja Project which is dedicated to restoring human dignity and helping us unleash our personal power. That sounds good to me!

Cheryl asked me to be on her podcast. In this podcast, I talk about healing from childhood loss. I lost both my mother and father one night when I was 19 months old. My Grandparents stepped in and became parents to my sister and me and gave us a good life on the farm in West Texas. But there was a great big elephant in our living room. We couldn’t talk about the death of my parents! We didn’t have any help. I talk with Cheryl in this podcast about healing from my childhood loss. Please pass this along to those it will help. One in nine children lose a parent when they are a child. Shocking isn’t it?

Cheryl is the lovely woman on the right in this photo and you can see her book, “Forever Fit and Flexible.” Just look at her! We all want to look like that!