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A Choice for Health!

I hope you were fortunate enough to watch the series “The Truth About Cancer,” that I linked you to in a previous health tip. If you did, then you realize why I do the best I can in my practice to rid our bodies of subclinical bacteria and viruses with supplements and diet.  About 18% of cancers are caused by infection while genetics causes between 5-8% of cancers. The take home: we are ahead of the game when we keep the insides of our bodies clean from infection.  Even the smallest change matters. If you know you need to eat better, take one small step at a time. You can make small changes that your body will thank you for such as quit drinking sodas (first go down on quantity until you can completely quit), quit eating processed food, or eliminate artificial sugars. There are so many small things you can do to improve your health. What change are you willing to make? Leave a comment below with the change you will make this spring. And remember, Good Health is Priceless!!

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Don’t Wait

Have you seen the photo of the naked man climbing down a ladder from the second floor as his house was on fire?  Placed on the photo was a memo saying “Note To Self:  wear pajamas!”  It is funny and we all laugh, but so often we are caught unaware.  Over time, I teach my patients if you fall or  minimally hurt yourself and come in right away, it is often a one visit treatment.  But if you keep thinking, “it SHOULD go away because it isn’t that bad,” we could write a note on the refrigerator:  “Note to Self:  When you first hurt, go see Dr. E.”  We live and learn.  The tricky part is, sometimes it does go away.  If it hasn’t after a day or two, do yourself a favor and come see me.  The problem finds roots when it stays without correction.  I remember a woman came in and said, “I started to wait until after I went skiing this weekend to come in.”  My response was, “I’m glad you came in now because your coordination will be better after an adjustment and poor coordination could cause you an injury while skiing.  The moral of the story is simply, “Note to Self:  Don’t Wait.”

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Learn About Cancer Cures!

Today I want to alert you to the video series, The Truth About Cancer:  A Global Quest.  I have watched it for the last several years.  It is normally a sequence of about 9 videos where one is sent out each day and available for you to watch for 24 hours.  After 24 hours, the next one will be sent out  At the end of the sequence, you can order the series to have for your own viewing as well as supporting their work which I think is fabulous!  Here is a link to have it sent to your inbox.  

And, listen to my interview on top-ranked Conscious Millionaire Health Podcast on business entrepreneurship.  Click here:

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Shoe Shopping!

Do you love going shoe shopping?  Our experience as consumers has changed. If you buy a new pair of walking shoes, the odds are, you are buying a different kind than you previously bought. The obvious reason is because that style has been discontinued. There are pros and cons to that experience. It is great that technology allows manufacturers to make better and more supportive shoes for our feet. The down side is that when we find a pair of shoes that we really love and fit our feet like a glove, another pair is not available to buy when those shoes wear out. My solution to this dilemma is when I find a great pair of shoes that support my feet in just the right way, as soon as I make that determination, I go back and buy another pair and put them away until the day the shoes I am wearing no longer support my feet. If you don’t have any problems with your feet you might love getting a new style each time, but for people with problem feet, trying to find the right pair of walking shoes isn’t easy, so buying a second pair is really helpful for them.

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