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Need a Massage?

There is nothing like a good massage, is there?

I often suggest that husbands and wives give each other a massage, But not everyone is good at giving a massage.

I’ve talked with patients about buying a massager they can use on each other. But what if you live alone?

I found the answer. Here is a massager that you can use on your back YOURSELF!! What a concept.

It is not expensive. I have one and if you want to try it out the next time you see me, just say so.

Using it for a couple of minutes changes things for me. Even if you are married, sometimes it is just nice to fix your neck or back yourself!

I bet you will love it.

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Uncomfortable Truths

Sometimes we don’t want to hear the truth because it creates so much intellectual and emotional dissonance in us.  We WANT to believe that people will do what is best for us.  If you have a child or plan to have a child or if you truly value your own health, please read the book, “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert Kennedy Jr.  DO NOT take his word for it.  You do not have to because it is one of the most referenced books I’ve ever read.  If you don’t believe something he says, look up his references.  I’d love to hear from you after reading.

There are people who do not want to know information that is different from what they already think.   Adulting is taking in ALL the information and using your own brain to determine what you think is best.  If you add experiments to prove one way or the other, that is the scientific method.   In other words, the responsibility falls squarely on our shoulders.  

In science everything is considered.  They might laugh at your idea, but in real science, it is PROVEN one way or the other, not mandated.  For example, when I was a kid and people had a stomach ulcer, medicine thought it was because they were worried and anxious.  A doctor from Australia wrote a paper proposing there was an infection often involved with an ulcer.  He was laughed at mocked, derided.  But 10 years later when the “experiments to prove him wrong” came in, oops, he was right.  How many of you have been treated for helicobacter pylori?  That is the infection.  He was right. 

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Instead of making numerous New Year Resolutions, try to make one for your health. Maybe it is around exercise, maybe around food, maybe around getting care or perhaps intermittent fasting or even fasting one day a week. Just make one and be persistent and determined. Keep track of it. And then tell me about it in a few months. It isn’t what we do one day, but what we are consistent at doing that will change things for us.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (don’t forget to schedule some fun!)