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Sun and Skin

It is pretty well established (with the latest being COVID) that we need vitamin D and one of the reasons most of us are low is because we have used so much sun blocker on our skin. We get the best conversion of vitamin D from the sun, not from supplements. So we need to learn to maximize getting our exposure and minimize too much exposure. If I am outside taking a walk, I don’t wear sunscreen. Maybe others with more sensitive skin should. However, if I am going to the swimming pool or the lake or the beach, I do wear sun screen because, although I do want some sun, I don’t want too much. I don’t want to get burned. I don’t need more wrinkles. But I do want a good amount of vitamin D. So we all need to be conscious of what we need to do for ourselves. Summer is here, so let’s enjoy it, in a smart way!!

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Short Cuts!

We all take a few short cuts in our lives. Most of my patients love the detox bath. However, sometimes you might not be able to do it. Some people have been so sore that they can’t get in the tub because they are afraid they might not be able to get out. As we get older, we really understand!

If you are too sore to get in the tub or perhaps you only have a shower, there is a short cut. You can put your feet in a container and almost any container can do. A trash can or maybe your largest pot for the stove wil. often do. It is simple. Soak your feet until the water is cold.

Another option for sinus pain or a headache is to make the recipe in a bowl, soak a wash cloth in the water, and put it over your sinus area or over your head. Give these short cuts a try when, for whatever reason, the bath doesn’t work.

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Chronic Issues

Many of my patients wonder why they have to take such good care of themselves to be healthy. I explain how our environment has changed, even since we were kids. We have GMO food. Think how many more pesticides and herbicides have been made since you graduated high school. Those chemicals get in our body and cause havoc.

You have probably heard me talk about all the organisms in your body whether it is parasite, bacteria, virus or fungal. And then there are the heavy metals. And then we added biofilms. And then I take away certain food. And sometimes it is still a struggle to get well and stay well.

If you are or have been a patient of mine and wonder, why does this keep happening, please send me an email and I will send you a free ebook that explains it better than I can. Then, if you would like, we can talk.


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Wellness, for most people, is a goal.  It is fun to be alive when you feel well.

Years ago, in China, the doctor (probably acupuncturist and herbalist) was paid when the patient was well and not paid when the patient was sick.  They made money only if they kept the patient well. What would happen if we started that practice here?  The problem is medicine has turned into “managing your problem,” instead of curing much of anything.  Take a child with asthma.  You can see their life in the future.  Yes, some will not go the medicine route, but many will be on medication for the rest of their lives.  That is “managing their illness.”  They mean managing it with drugs.  For me, I want to give my body a chance to heal the issue, not cover it up.  What about you? I’ve mentioned the book, “The Vitamin C Miracle,” before. Read all about doctors CURING bad illnesses with vitamin C. It is shocking what we do when that is available.

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This is known, for the most part, as a woman’s disease. I have women in my practice who are scared of osteoporosis. I’ve known people who have done dramatic things to increase their bone mass. I have never known anyone who has increased it all that much by doing those dramatic things, like infusions.

I read this article from Dr. McDougall and thought I should share it with my patients and friends because there seems to be so much fear around it. Maybe this article will give you a good perspective and help the fear factor when it comes to osteoporosis. I hope it helps to hear it from someone else! This is really a great article and if you have friends with this issue (who doesn’t), feel free to pass it along.