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Reactions to Vaccines

Some people have told me they have not known anyone who had a vaccine injury. And what kind of injuries are they talking about.

There have been some horrific reactions, like death. One of the ways a trail for a drug is conducted is that anything that happens to that person within about 14 days is considered to be from the experimental drug until proven otherwise.

Not that a lot of information is being released about the studies even though Pfizer didn’t want the records released for 75 years. However a judge decided so many pages would be released each week.

I could tell you about many of the reactions I’ve hard about, but before that, here is a video where a child took the experimental vaccine and what all that involves.

There are PI’s which are the Principal Investigators that are supposed to “care” for the research and the people who too part.

I’ll let this family tell their story. You might want to start at 57 minutes to hear Maddie’s story.

I always wonder why people haven’t heard about these, but all Americans should know what has been happening.

And, of course, many people did not have a noticeable reaction, but if you did, how tragic.

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