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Cardiovascular Risks!

Everyone wants to decrease their cardiovascular risks.  Our apprehension about cardiovascular health is totally understandable as it is one of the main causes for death.  Today I have a treat for you.  It is a video by Dr. Jonathan Wright, a Harvard trained medical doctor.  It became clear to him after a few months in practice that using God’s medicine, or green medicine, better known as food, is the best way to health.  He is perhaps the foremost medical doctor who practices naturally, and was baptized by fire when his clinic was raided with drawn guns.  In this video, Dr. Wright gives you three natural ways you can protect your cardiovascular system from problems.  I hope you love listening to him as much as I do.  Pass this around to all of those you wish a good heart!

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Emotions vs. Physical

When we say a person’s pain is caused by their emotions, it doesn’t mean they don’t have pain.  Some people think the pain is all in their head.  No!  The pain is in their body.  When you have butterflies in your stomach, the feeling is in your stomach.  The butterflies might be caused by being scared to give a speech, but the sensation in the stomach is real.  In other words, people are not pretending to have pain.  Many people go to the ER with anxiety attacks or pain because of their body’s reactions to their emotions.  We know people can faint or throw up when faced with bad news.  These are simply signs our bodies are giving us that we need body work that includes our emotions.  It isn’t always easy to know if our pain is caused from body dysfunction or if it is from emotions and why we need to keep an open mind.  That is why I like the NET I use in my office.  It helps with emotions and the body.  I just love it!

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Cardiovascular Risks

So many people are concerned with cardiovascular risks, as they should be.  I am including a link to a video by Dr. Jonathan Wright.  He is one of the first MD’s that started treating naturally and is very knowledgeable.  In the video below, he says there are really three ways to decrease your risk of a heart attack or stoke.  He is reporting research based information.  You may wonder why this information isn’t widely known.  It is because the drug companies are not going to advertise these remedies, but instead, advertise drugs.  Any American knows more about drugs than natural cures because natural remedies cannot be patented.  No one has the big bucks to advertise natural remedies on television.  Natural remedies are what people used before big Pharma.  So if you are interested in protecting your cardiovascular risks, listen to Dr. Wright.






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Is Family Trauma Inherited?

I get excited when I run across the next book I love.  Usually, I know immediately when I see a book if I want to read it.  This book is about how family trauma is in inherited.  You will love his case studies because they put you into the flow of what he is talking about.  As I have often said, if a person doesn’t do their own emotional work, they leave it for their children to do.  However, his take is a little different.  It isn’t that the people didn’t do their emotional work, it might be more about their death.  For instance, there were a couple of case studies about the grandchildren of people who were in concentration camps and died there.  And, one about a man who was on a hike in the wilderness, lost his way and froze to death.  How did those circumstances haunt their descendants who had never even met them?  I found the book interesting.  I had never heard of the author, Mark Wolynn, but he is on my radar now. You know me, I’d love to take his workshop!  Click here to see the book.

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The Truth About Cancer!

Ty Bollinger has done a terrific job organizing and launching the series, The Truth About Cancer.  You can watch it for free on your computer, but you must sign up for it.  Here is the link:

The Ultimate Live Symposium October 14th-16th

Each part of the series is on for only 24 hours, so be sure to watch as it unfolds.  You can, as I have, buy the series at the end if you can’t catch each episode.  I find the information so valuable.  It isn’t only for you but the others in your life who you love.  Pass the link around.  And, don’t think you have to have cancer to benefit from the series as there are many tidbits of information that you will enjoy.  It is really about health!  Feel free to share the link as we should all know the truth about cancer!  Each person has the right to decide for themselves and we can’t really decide unless we have the information!   ENJOY!

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Pain and Emotions!

A patient was in my office with terrible back pain. I adjusted her. I worked her muscles. I did reflex points. I used my laser. I really needed to get her out of pain because she had an event to attend. But nothing I did seemed to help. And then I thought, maybe I should check for something emotional. I found, through using NET, there was an emotional element related to her back pain. I cleared it, she stood up and the pain was all gone. Sometimes our pain isn’t caused or relieved by what our mind thinks.   Dr. Candace Pert, who wrote The Molecules of Emotion, once said that when she started researching emotions, she thought emotions were just in the brain. It wasn’t long into her research until she realized, emotions are all over the body, not just in the brain.  We know many people have silent disc problems.  They aren’t causing the pain.  Be certain your pain isn’t from emotions before you take drastic measures.  Even butterflies in the tummy or blushing are caused from emotions.  Leave a comment about your experience with pain and emotions!