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Ask Me Why?

You ask why?  Asking why shows curiosity and intelligence.  We should always be able to ask why someone thinks they way they do or wants us to do something.  So when you know someone, like me, doesn’t want to be vaccinated, you might ask why?  Take just 10 minutes and watch this video and you will hear, from an expert, many of the reasons why.  She does a great job explaining and she worked on vaccines all her professional career.  Please, take 10 minutes.  

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The Truth About Vaccines

There is a documentary-series called The Truth About Vaccines. I’ve seen it before and it is excellent.

You can sign up here. Remember, each episode is on for 24 hours. My experience tells me at the end, they will have a weekend where all episodes will be available. Of course, if you would like, you can buy the series. This is the time that we need to critically consider what vaccines do to us. Someone recently said to me, “well, I’m sure you had some when you were a child.” Yes, I had two. But not they have so many and if the vaccines were what or health depended on, we would be the healthiest population of any country in the world as we take more vaccines than anyone else. But we aren’t. In fact, in terms of our health, we are way down the list according to the WHO. Please give this your attention before it is taken out of your hands!

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NET stands for NeuroEmotional Technique and is a technique to help the body deal with stress. Ahhhhh…..

There is a documentary called STRESSED that is available now on YouTube. This techniques helps remove or resolve the “stress” from the body. If you have any time on your hands (think: Corona Virus) please watch this video. You might need it. You might not. The reason to watch is to ask yourself, “how would that fit in my health routines? How would that help me? And, when would I need to consider get some NET done.


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Corona Virus Vaccine Indemnity

You know those political things that are done quietly, right? In other words, they are done behind our backs. Do you think they are usually helpful to the common folk, like me, or injurious to the common folk? I think if they were helpful, it would be front page headlines in every newspaper so the politician could get a few bumps up in ratings, right?

This is a 6 minute video. I don’t want you to take my word for it. I want you to see if for yourself. Bill Gates owns the rights to the corona virus vaccine and he was quietly given indemnity by Fauci. It wasn’t front page headlines. How come?

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Vaccines Revisited

When people ask me about vaccines, it is normally when we are just visiting, but not where I have facts at my fingertips. I want to keep this particular blog post in my purse and the next time someone asks me, I’ll just pull it out of my purse. That would be so cool. Because you see, she is a medical doctor. She knows how to read science as well as how people cheat on studies. And she understands how money talks, everything else walks. She also has her own experience.

I think you will find her fascinating and full of information. And if you know any people who have autistic children, please sent them this post as it could help them tremendously because you can’t help the problem until you understand the problem.