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What the Health?

Have you watched more movies since Covid?  I’ll bet that part of the economy has soared.

I have a suggestion.  Watch the movie, “What the Health.”  If you have excess weight, if you suffer from asthma, if you are in pain, if you have diabetes or thyroid issues, see what others did to help themselves.  

One area I can attest to is where does our information comes from.  When I taught foods in the public schools, before I was a chiropractor, the visual aids and educational tools were all “gifts” from the meat and dairy industry.  Just saying!! 

ENJOY the movie!  

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  1. I watched the documentary a couple of years ago. what the Health!!!!!!!
    an eye opener.

    I was appaled by the fact that the Dairy Industry is the biggest sponsor of the American Breast cancer society, that is why they don’t make people aware of the risks.

    Intake of dairy milk is associated with a greater risk of breast cancer in women — up to 80% depending on the amount consumed — according to a new study. Intake of dairy milk is associated with a greater risk of breast cancer in women, according to a new study conducted by researchers at Loma Linda University Health.Feb 25, 2020

    I became a vegan the same day.

    I told , and I am still telling everyone that I know to watch this documentary.
    I told people at my work, and 80%became vegan as well.

    Thank you Dr.Elva for this important information.

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