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It is the FOOD!!

Dr. Michael Greger is an interesting guy.  He wrote the books, “How Not to Die,” and “How Not to Diet.”  His website is  He likes to bring the research down to us people on the street.  It just takes too long for it to get to doctor’s offices.  These books are like gold mines!

One study he references in “How Not to Die” is about type 2 diabetes.  A study was done taking people who averaged their A1C at 8.2.  Under 5.7 is normal.  Above 6.5 is diabetic.  After 7 months of eating a diet centered on whole plant foods, the patients had stopped taking their medications and their A1C dropped to a non-diabetic 5.8.  How cool is that?  The right food corrects so many problems.  Enjoy all the fruits and vegetables that will be harvested this summer.  It is a great time to center meals around whole plant foods!

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