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30th Anniversary

The end of August is the 30thanniversary of my private practice in CO.  

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have trusted me to assist you in your journey toward health.  We all have a body and it is a job to keep it healthy, especially in the environment of chemicals and GMO’s.  Staying healthy is a continual work in progress.  

The actual date of opening my practice was August 29, 1989.  I graduated chiropractic school in 1986 and worked with another chiropractor in Houston until moving to Denver to start my own practice.

We will work together to continue to improve our health as the years go by.  May your health flourish!  Now to celebrate, I’m going to San Diego Thursday!!  I’ll be back in the office August 28th.

2 thoughts on “30th Anniversary

  1. Congratulations to you Elva! You have helped countless patients throughout the last three decades, and the world is a much better place with you doing what you do to help people!


    1. thank you Michael!

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