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Emotions vs. Physical

When we say a person’s pain is caused by their emotions, it doesn’t mean they don’t have pain.  Some people think the pain is all in their head.  No!  The pain is in their body.  When you have butterflies in your stomach, the feeling is in your stomach.  The butterflies might be caused by being scared to give a speech, but the sensation in the stomach is real.  In other words, people are not pretending to have pain.  Many people go to the ER with anxiety attacks or pain because of their body’s reactions to their emotions.  We know people can faint or throw up when faced with bad news.  These are simply signs our bodies are giving us that we need body work that includes our emotions.  It isn’t always easy to know if our pain is caused from body dysfunction or if it is from emotions and why we need to keep an open mind.  That is why I like the NET I use in my office.  It helps with emotions and the body.  I just love it!

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