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The Truth About Cancer is a docu-series teaching about natural treatments for cancer. It is going on right now. There are 9 or 11 days of receiving a video each day to watch for 24 hours. Normally, at the end of the docs-series, they give you a couple days to listen to any episode you choose. And of course, you can buy the episode.

This is an excellent document-series. You learn so many treatments that are available for cancer. They leave no stone unturned about how to follow the laws of nature to be healthy. There is so much to know. If you can only watch one or two episodes, you will be richer. If you can listen to all of them, good for you! You will learn so much.

Go to their website, and you will be able to sign up and they will send you the link to each day’s video. These people are totally dedicated to learning and teaching. This is what happens when people are affected by their own experience. Ty and Charlene lost several family members within a few years and that started them on their path to find out the truth about cancer. ENJOY!

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