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Cause and Effect

Happy 2018.

Sometimes it is hard for us to correlate cause and effect.  For example, if you eat gluten, does it cause you any problems?  Some people know they suffer and quit eating it.  But others do not have any proof.  Their stomach feels fine even when they eat gluten.

This last week I saw a patient I’ve seen numerous times.  She has a shoulder that gives her problems.  It is much better since I worked on it, but she can still feel it.  Sometimes it will catch with movement.  Does that sound familiar?

When she came in this week, I asked her how her shoulder was feeling.  She laughed and said, “Fine.”  She quit eating gluten and the shoulder doesn’t have a catch in it anymore.  Yeah!

Sometimes it is worth experimenting to see how food affects your “problem area.”  It can be anything but gluten, corn, dairy, sugar and nightshades are the most typical culprits.  If you experiment, let me know if you too have, what seems to be, a miraculous result!

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  1. A customer of mine told me 9 days after stopping dairy her restless leg syndrome stopped and has never returned. She had been on medication for it for years.

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