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Chronically Sick People

Why are so many people chronically sick and don’t seem to get help from medicine.  They are given one medication after another to try.  When it doesn’t work, on to the next one.  And, I’ve seen my share of people who never found the “right” medication.  Perhaps it is because the patient was not deficient in the medication.  Medications cannot be patented if they are naturally found in the body, so, it is safe to say, medications are foreign to the body.  So why should we be surprised with negative side effects?  They are built into the system.

Would you agree that many people are chronically sick because of adverse childhood events?

Have your doctors ask you if you experienced adverse childhood events like abuse or alcoholism in your home when you were a child?

The most common behaviors that are considered risky for your health are sexual behaviors, smoking, alcohol and drug use.  A large study found that people use these behaviors as strategies to cope with the long-term stress of adverse childhood events.  Maybe when people are sick, they should be asked about their childhood.  If a doctor sees you as an integrated whole, all of you is important in determining what is wrong with you.  This study is important.  If you had adverse childhood events, please read this study and discover the statistics.  And don’t be a statistic!  Get help!

If you had adverse childhood events, please come see me.  I can help you.  When you are having problems with your body and you realize your emotions are stored in your body, you will understand that perhaps your physical problems might be related to the emotions stored in your body from childhood.

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