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Confused About Diet?

Should you eat paleo? What about ketogenic? Sometimes I ask myself, how were we meant to eat? There are so many ways of eating that somehow become popular. Personally, I feel that God put us on this big beautiful ball with everything we need to eat. Eating should be somewhat easy. Doesn’t have to be fancy. I think some are finding during this Covid time, that preparing our own meals makes you feel better.

You buy a new dress. It will be gone in two years. You get a new hairdo. it will be changed in a couple of years. Even so for your cars and houses, right? But you only have one body to love and care for and enjoy. Just one. My body is my own experiment and my responsibility to find out what makes me feel the best. Let me know about what you find for your body!! In the end, we are in this together, but with our body, it is our own experiment. Your body is your temple. Take care of it!

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