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Corona Virus Fear

The corona virus is giving us an opportunity to watch, in real time, how we and others respond to fear.  Are you ignoring it or are you having anxiety attacks over the mere thought of it or do you fall somewhere in between?  Pay attention to how your body feels when you think about the corona virus and its effect on the world.

It isn’t here yet, but we already have emotions around it, largely fear.  I do not know how much the virus will affect us, but the thought of it and the fear of it is affecting us a great deal.  It is such a great reminder that taking care of our body means taking care of our mind too.  

There are many emails going around about how to take steps to possibly avoid this virus.  It is mostly about washing your hands and sanitary practices.  

I’ll add, keep yourself healthy.  A balanced diet, enough rest, deep breathing, good thoughts and enough exercise keeps us on top of our game.  On our better days, our body is less likely to succumb to a virus than it is if we ignore all the “health practices” we have in our life.  Let’s stay healthy.  And if you are fighting something now, come see me!!

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