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Detox Bath, Ear Ache and Castor Oil Pack

After 30 years in practice, I still suggest the same therapies like the detox bath, the onion for an ear ache and a castor oil pack.

They work as many of my patients testify.  I have even made videos for you to make it as easy as possible to use and understand these therapies.

In case you haven’t seen my videos, please watch them and pass them around as they work for everyone!  They are also on my website under Resources.

The body doesn’t change that much over time.   In other words, the same therapy I used 30 years ago when I started practice, works today.  Why wouldn’t it?  The body gets older, but the genes don’t change.  We know from epigenetic research, it is more about the environment we put the body in that allows the expression of certain genes.

Our society has gotten used to the latest greatest medications.

Wait a few years and you will discover the side effects.

Some will be discontinued, just like surgeries.   It isn’t often you hear of a child having their tonsils removed today, and yet when I was a child, it was customary.

I have to wonder, in 20 years, will they still be using amphetamines to treat ADHD in children?  The side effects are not pretty and it says in the insert that the medication shouldn’t be used more than 60 days.  Do you know anyone who has stopped using the medication after 60 days?

Natural therapies that were good 30 years ago are still good today.  Use them first!!

I hope you took advantage of the Vaccines Revealed series.  It is EXCELLENT!!


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