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Do You Have a Good Mattress?

A good mattress is so important for your body to get a good night’s rest.  As long as you are comfortable in your bed and you get a good night’s sleep every night, it is a good mattress for you.  When you wake up hurting, you have to wonder if it is your bed that is the cause.  If you are uncertain, go on a weekend vacation to a nice hotel and if you don’t wake up hurting, you have a clue.

A new mattress is a dreaded purchase.  We are afraid we won’t like it.  And then what do you do?  And there are so many to choose from and so many different toppings.  Do we top or not?

I used to love my waterbed.  After a number of years and a number of moves, I decided I didn’t want it anymore because of the EMF’s with the heater.  Of course, you can unplug it at night, but you better remember to plug it back in the next morning.

Another bed that is popular is the air bed.  What is your number?  I know people who love them.  I have slept on them and I had a good night’s sleep.  They are expensive and yet they will last much longer than a regular mattress.

Perhaps the phrase different strokes for different folks was made about choosing a mattress.  I love my mattress and it is a regular mattress without a topping.  Plain Jane!

I’ll tell you a secret.  A mattress consider a mattress only last  7 years.  They do break down over time.  And, each year, your mattress gains about 6-7 pounds.  How?  Your dead skin cells!


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