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Do Your Emotions Affect Your Body?

Up and down emotions!  Sometimes we don’t know what to do with ourselves.  At times, we are completely shut down to our emotions and other times our emotions can be wild.  If you have a teenage daughter, you probably know what I mean!

I do the NeuroEmotional Technique in my office.  If you are not familiar with it, you can go to and learn more about it.  I love it because, as you know, we go into a field that we need.  I needed chiropractic and I needed the NeuroEmotional work.  Chiropractic adjustments have helped me because I’ve been in 20 car accidents.  And the NeuroEmotional Technique helped me because I had a traumatic young life and the work made a big difference in me emotionally and physically.  And it can make a big difference in you too if you need it and want it.

Wouldn’t it be great if more people could experience the relief that just a little bit of work can provide?  Never forget that the body is gifted with holding the emotions and therefore, it is the body that needs work to dissipate or dissolve the emotions that are basically “caught” in the tissues.  !

Did you know that NET works for physical problems as well as emotional issues?  For example, you might have a back ache or neck ache and come in for an adjustment.  There could be, but doesn’t have to be, an emotional component to your pain.  Just think what could be done in health care by adding treatment for the emotional component of our body!

In fact, new research has just been reported using the NET and I want to share it with you.  Be sure to open it because it shows, in photos, what happens to the brain before and after applying NET.  I love it because it is easy on the patient and easy on me!  And, when that particular adjustment is hard to get, it is often because of an emotional component!

I love NET!  Do you?

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