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Ginger might be your key to nausea relief. Whether the nausea is from pregnancy or car sickness or most other causes of nausea, ginger can be your cure. The best way to use it might be ginger tea. If in the car, those small ginger candies you can purchase at the health food store might be your best buy.

No one wants to feel nauseous. So why not try it. Nothing bad happens if it doesn’t work because herbs like ginger do not have the side effects of drugs. If you are drinking ginger tea, I think the best way is just to drink a little at a time. You can make the ginger tea from ginger you purchase or there are teabags you can use to make your cup of tea. This is a great going away gift for a college student. Have it on hand because the truth is, when you are nauseous, you DO NOT want to go out to get the tea. This might be part of your first aid kit!

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