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High Heels!

One of the problems with women wearing high heels is it causes dropped metatarsals. That is where the bone coming down to the toes, falls. Just by looking at a woman’s foot in a high heel, the mechanics are obvious. I believe I have read that even Oprah says she uses high heels just for photos. Why? Because they hurt and especially as we get older.   And yes, they are so cute! I tell the young girls to enjoy them because there will come a day when they can’t do that anymore. Maybe they can do it, but they will FEEL the wisdom of choosing more comfortable shoes. Our feet need to last a lifetime, so be judicious with your shoes! And after a night of wearing high heels, give your feet a nice, good foot rub!

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  1. Thanks! My opinion exactly. I sub every day and so many teachers and students wear super- high heels and can barely walk. I don’t get it!

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