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It Must be a Secret

I will tell you what seems to be a secret.  I heard Del Bigtree and Robert Kennedy, Jr, at different events speak to this.  The two of them had a meeting with the FDA.  In the meeting they asked, “you do have double blind, placebo-controlled studies on the vaccines on the children’s schedule?”  They were assured they did.  The two men asked to see them.  They were not able to provide them that day, but would get the studies to them.  They waited and waited.  Then they called.  More promises.  Finally, they filed a lawsuit under the freedom of information act.  They had their lawyers.  The case went over a year I think, and finally, at the next court hearing, on the courthouse steps, they were told, “we don’t have any.”   If they have the studies we should find out. Write a letter to the FDA asking for the double blind, placebo controlled studies that prove the childhood vaccines are safe.

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