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Just the Facts!

Dr. Tom O’Bryan, brought us the “Betrayal” series on auto-immune issues I spoke about last week.  I have a few more facts that you will find interesting.

The World Wildlife Fund reports that there is a 57% reduction of all wildlife on the planet since the 1970 levels.  I really was not aware of this statistic.  It translates to a great amount of change in a short amount of time on our planet.  My concern is if this change gathers steam and continues.

Another fact was a study reported in this series about eating gluten.  They had three groups of people: a group who knew eating gluten bothered them, a  group that reported gluten bothered them a little, and a third group who felt that gluten did not bother them at all.  There was no surprise when when gluten bothered the people who knew gluten bothered them or the group who said it bothered them a little.  The surprise was that everyone in all three groups were tested and found that for three hours after eating gluten, they had increased gut permeability.  We call that leaky gut syndrome.  It happened in everyone, even those who didn’t recognize gluten as a problem for them.  This is a warning:  gluten bothers you whether you realize it or not.  Act accordingly!

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