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Have you ever heard of laughing therapy? In this age of COVID, I think we should all try it. It is simple, completely free and you will have chemicals flowing throughout your body without taking any pills.

Yes, I am talking about laughter. It is good for us. It is fun. So do it!

If this is a hard exercise for you, just get around a few children. It seems like it happens more with little girls. Giggle, giggle, giggle. It starts out innocently. And then continue to laugh, boistrously laugh and do it for about 5 minutes. At first it feels like you are putting yourself, and others, on. And, maybe you are. But then it morphs into just plain silliness and laughter from the heart. After you finish laughing, see how you feel. You will feel better.

I think we were meant to laugh. A few of my best memories of my Grandpa were big belly laughs–just like Santa Clause. And if you happen to be a person who is a grouch, try doing this everyday for awhile. It won’t hurt you and it just might help you.

I’d love to hear any feedback!

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